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4 Effective Ways to Market Your Business Online

By Kenna Lewis, Social Centric Media

4  Effective Ways to Market Your Business OnlineDo you feel like your brain is constantly running around and around on the proverbial hamster wheel when it comes to marketing your business online?

#1. Leverage Social Media
People are walking around banging into light poles and stop signs because their faces are buried in their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram apps. Therein lies your opportunity. Admit it, you’ve checked in at least once on a social network today. Correct? Social media platforms are used in numerous ways, from customer service to outreach, sharing, prospecting, running ads, defining your brand, and so much more. Don’t neglect this but utilize its power.

#2. Start a Blog
This is an amazing low-cost way to advertise and promote your business, and you can do it practically free. Also, a blog on your website will help boost your website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) organically, thus saving you thousands of dollars in ad spend. A blog is a great way to engage with your customers and prospects to help solve their problems and sustain online authority. Keep your content fresh and interesting.

#3. Get Visual
These days we pay attention to and engage with visual content many times more than simple text. Try it out and use visual aids to communicate your brand’s particular story, using graphics and video that can make your marketing more authoritative and memorable to your audience. You will get fewer bounces, more engagement and ultimately better results with your marketing efforts.

#4. Dabble in Paid Ads
Don’t be scared off by paid advertising simply because you have a tiny budget. There are many platforms that will allow you to run highly targeted ads for mere pennies. Google AdWords, Facebook ads, and Twitter ads run for low costs and your daily budget can be just a few dollars.

Online marketing provides a level playing field of potential customers and clients if you know the best ways to market your business. Stay ahead of your competition and stay creative without breaking the bank.

To learn more or for help managing social media for your business, contact Kenna Lewis with Social Centric Media at 816.582.7366 or visit online at www.SocialCentricMedia.com.

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