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5 Smartphone Etiquette Manners During the Holiday Season

By Kenna Lewis, Social Centric Media

When winter arrives, we all know what that means – the holidays! A time of year filled with social gatherings, family, friends, food, and when you’re expected to be on your very best behavior. But how do you navigate a season steeped in tradition in our non-traditional digital age?

Let’s face it, our lives are run by our smartphones. From checking emails to taking pictures to our social media sites, we are all connected, at all times. Despite the benefits, sometimes technology can get in the way of enjoying real time with our friends
and family.

Here is a list of 5 rules for smartphone etiquette during the holiday season:

1. Don’t scan your phone while walking.

During the holiday season, our stores and streets are full of busy shoppers. When checking your phone, move out of the flow of traffic and stand in one place until you’re finished.

2. Holiday parties are a time for socializing,
not social media. 

Statistics state that 7 out of 10 respondents think it’s unacceptable to check emails, send text messages, post on social media sites, and make phone calls while in the company of others, especially during holiday parties. Unless, of course, it is an emergency situation.

3. You are not the paparazzi! 

Sure, taking pictures is fun and we all love them, but sometimes people want to enjoy real life experiences without being altered on Instagram or tagged on Facebook. Use discretion and ask permission.

4. Respect the people in your presence. 

Meals are social gatherings, not social media.
Be present and aware of the people you are with. Give the people you are conversing with priority.

5. Lastly, remove the Bluetooth from your ear.

This way people know you are present and not ready to answer a sales call at any moment.
Focus on others, be engaging, and offline.

It’s great to be connected, but most people need to unplug, take a break, and recharge. Let your brain relax from the constant pressure for a response and just turn your smartphone off so you can be present with one another. Happy Holidays!

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