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7th Annual Tweak the Treat – A “TCOY Wellness” Post-Halloween Event

By Lucy DelSarto,
WellnessCoach & Life Enthusiast

7th Annual Tweak the TreatHow sweet it is! This is not a reference to your taste buds, I’m talking about your ability to bring smiles to people you will never meet just by the simple act of caring enough to share.

Halloween is only a few weeks away and it has become one of the year’s biggest holidays for candy sales. Occasional treats are fine; however holidays, especially Halloween, overwhelm children and adults with an  “over dose” on sugary candies, which is not good for their physical and dental health. What if by sharing, a multitude of lives could benefit from tweaking the holiday mindset? For this reason, I started Tweak the Treat.

Goals for the Tweak the Treat Event: 

* Embrace moderation: Participants donate their excess Halloween candy to be shared with others.

* Inspire a gratitude and pay it forward mentality: Be grateful for what you have and share  your abundance.

* Show appreciation for our military:

Special handwritten notes are included with the treats in care packages.

* Provide family and community time:

Focus on the important together times.

* Change the Halloween holiday perception: Reward children with FUN activities and fresh fruit, not SUGAR and JUNK FOOD.

* Support local businesses that endorse an
active and healthy lifestyle.

* Create a “take care of you” wellness mindset: A sustainable way of life, for the health of it.

Teaching Others to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

As a wellness coach, my passion is to teach others how to live a lifestyle that will enhance their well-being. Wellness is much more than not being sick. Choices become habits and those habits develop into your lifestyle. Your health, good or bad, is the result of choices you make. Immediate gratification and failure to prioritize healthy behaviors will have consequences. The good news is you can begin today to make changes that will improve your health and well-being.

Set An Example

The best way to teach is to set an example. When something touches your heart, it can ignite a sparkthat can, in turn, start a fire and change your life. Imagine the joy I felt when a past Tweak the Treat participant shared this story:

“You know, we really appreciate what you’re doing with this annual event, Lucy. We’ve been a part of it for the past five years. When we were out trick or treating with our daughter this Halloween, she turned to us, opened her bag full of goodies and said, “Look at all the treats I’m getting for our soldiers.” Every year she looks forward to coming here to share her treats and write notes to put in the care packages. This has taught her so many great life lessons. Thank you!”


TVH has grown to become one of the most respected names in the material handling and industrial equipment industry. TVH is headquartered in Olathe, KS and has locations throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. We believe in the power of giving back and with 10 different locations in the Americas, TVH is committed to being a positive influence within each community.

Share a Soldier’s Name and Address

If you have a family member or know someone serving in the military, contact me with their address so I can send them a care package from the event: Lucy DelSarto, 913-709-6059.

Drop Off Locations

There are a variety of drop off locations if you are unable to attend. For more information, visit the Facebook page at or contact me directly at 913-709-6059. 

To view videos of past events, go to YouTube and select  Tweak the Treat.


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