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Advanced Surgical Associates – Now Offers In-Office Diagnostic Services Saving Patients Time and Money

Ultrasound & Manometry services will assist with abdominal, breast, pelvic floor, rectal and colon disorders

By Lori Oswald

Advanced Surgical AssociatesDarcy Shaw, M.D.
Dr. Darcy Shaw is now offering evaluation and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction, fecal incontinence, constipation, and rectal prolapse. Our pelvic floor center, for women, begins with a thorough evaluation, including a history and comprehensive physical examination. Additional testing such as trans-anal ultrasound and manometry is offered in our clinic when indicated. Offering these diagnostic services in the clinic, rather than a hospital setting, is much more convenient, efficient and cost effective for patients.

Anorectal Manometry is utilized for both men and women and is highly specialized testing that specifically evaluates muscles and pressure in the rectum and colon which is then converted into a detailed report. This report assists Dr. Shaw in diagnosing and developing an individualized treatment plan for the patient with the best possible outcomes.

Pelvic floor disorders are common for females and often the result of child bearing and other strenuous activities. The treatment approach is a multidisciplinary one which may also include specific pelvic floor physical therapy to assist with strengthening muscles. Our priority is providing expert and compassionate care for these common problems.

Christie Brock, D.O.
and Dr. Adam Kramer, D.O.
Advanced Surgical Associates (ASA) partners, Dr. Christie Brock and Dr. Adam Kramer, also offer Complete Breast Care Services. This includes evaluation, comprehensive family history, examination, diagnostic review and surgical intervention when indicated. ASA supports a team approach to coordinate care with other specialists as needed, including interventional radiology, pathology, oncology, and plastic surgery. Both surgeons are members of the American Society of Breast Surgeons. Breast procedures may include surgical biopsy, conservative tissue removal and mastectomy when indicated. Our highly qualified staff provides compassionate care, education and support to all patients and family members who receive any type of treatment through our office.

Chris Daggett, D.O.
Offering micro-laparoscopic gallbladder removal for patients who qualify, in addition to laparoscopic and open gallbladder, and hernia procedures.

All ASA partners, Dr. Chris Daggett, Dr. Adam Kramer, Dr. Christie Brock and Dr. Darcy Shaw are Board Certified and provide common General Surgery services, such as gallbladder removal, hernia repair, hemorrhoid, pilonidal cysts, fissures, colon, and skin lesions.

Advanced Surgical Associates
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