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Affordable Dental Care Plan for Adults Over 50!

Affordable Dental Care Plan for Adults Over 50!More people are turning 50 than ever before. And as they do, their commitment to maintain an active lifestyle and physical fitness intensifies. A key component of that desire for fitness is good oral care, which becomes more important to overall general health and appearance as people grow older.

That’s where Dental Care 50 – designed for adults age 50 and over – can help. With a pool of more than 50 highly qualified dentists and specialists in the metropolitan Kansas City area, Dental Care 50 has made quality dental care affordable to older adults since 1987.

Dental Care Not Covered by Medicare
“Most companies don’t provide dental coverage for their retirees,” owner Frank Schloegel said. “Also, dental care isn’t covered by Medicare.

Low Cost Initial Cleaning,
X-Rays and Oral Exam
Dental Care 50 is affordable and easy to use. The simple plan saves seniors more money than it costs. An initial cleaning, X-rays and oral exam are only $47, providing a big savings over the standard cost, which more than makes up for the low annual membership fee of $75 per individual and $130 per couple. The plan includes access to quality dental care from some of the best general dentists and specialists throughout Kansas City who have agreed to provide dental care at a greatly reduced cost to help meet the needs of older adults.Members can also change dentists at any time.

Dental Care 50 members receive a 20 to 50 percent discount on additional dental cleanings, X-rays, fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, implants and 20 percent on other services provided by the plan’s specialists. A set fee schedule is provided to members so they are aware of costs of services (and the savings they receive) before any dental work is performed.

Easy To Use Plan
The plan is easy to use because there are no claims forms to fill out, no deductibles to meet, no dollar limits and no waiting for pre-authorizations. Furthermore, there are no restrictions for pre-existing dental conditions. Upon enrollment and choice of a dental provider, each enrollee can then consult the Dental Care 50 brochure detailing the actual cost for each dental procedure. This allows for making some financial assessment of dental costs before entering the dental office.

Why Wait?
Start Saving Money Today!
Since the program began, thousands of Kansas City seniors have discovered the benefits of becoming a member of Dental Care 50. To learn more about the benefits of Dental Care 50 and to receive a free brochure, call 816-523-3665 or you may write or stop by the business office at:

912 East 63rd Street, Suite 202
Kansas City, MO 64110
open weekdays from 9 to 5.
New members can enroll online, by mail
or by telephone. For more information, visit

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