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ALF Appliances: The Future Is Here

Relief for Headaches, Snoring, TMJ, and Sleep Apnea

ALF Appliances: The Future Is HereDefining ALF appliance therapy: 

ALF appliance therapy is a more holistic approach to improving your quality of life through orthodontics. ALF is an acronym meaning Advanced Lightwire Functional. Some of the main components of the ALF appliance include: iron, cobalt and chromium. The flexible nature of this appliance allows movement of the upper and lower teeth, and cranial bones.

How ALF therapy can help
you and your family:

If you or a loved one suffer from jaw pain, headaches, facial pain, or experience neck and/or back pain, the ALF appliances can provide relief. With release and adjustment of your cranial bones, and addressing cranial misalignments, aches and pains can diminish with ALF appliance wear.

Many adults and children snore, or do not sleep soundly or feel rested. When wearing ALF appliances, your lower jaw is postured in a more forward position. This can have a vastly positive effect on your airway. The ALF appliance can support the development of the upper arch, allowing more space for your tongue to maintain a healthy posture, in turn keeping the tongue from collapsing within the airway.

Early detection of improper growth and development in a child can greatly benefit them later in life. If you notice your child suffers from chronic congestion, fatigue, enlarged tonsils and adenoids, recurrent ear infections, forward head posture, asthma, allergy related disorders, crossbite, deep bite, under bite, lack of spacing in baby teeth and speech issues, the ALF appliance can possibly be of benefit. All of these issues can be addressed and improved with ALF appliance therapy. Proper development and spacing of the upper and lower arches can create room for permanent teeth to erupt and reduce the need for extractions.

The ALF appliance differs from other orthodontic avenues:

ALF appliance therapy promotes bone growth and promotes changes in muscle function to achieve more stable, long term results. The light wire of the ALF applies gentle forces, therefore causing less discomfort than traditional braces. The ALF appliance rests along the inside of the teeth making the appliance less noticeable, thereby making it easier to maintain sufficient oral hygiene. How the ALF appliance is designed helps reduce decalcification (tooth scarring) that can sometimes happen with traditional braces. ALF appliance therapy can help regulate and calm down the nervous system. It is beneficial in managing sensory disorders in both children and adults.

The ALF appliance can change lives:

It is not healthy for an individual to snore, particularly a child. It is not common for your child to wake up exhausted. Your child should not be struggling to focus or reach achievements due to fatigue. A child should not experience headaches. Being able to see growth and phenomenal change within yourself or your child is a remarkable experience. To know what life is like when you’re pain free and being able to embrace the enjoyments of everyday life is priceless.

Please call us at 1.866.NO.SNORE or 816.795.1000 to schedule a consultation to evaluate you or your child’s candidacy for ALF appliance therapy.

We would look forward to hearing from you and would appreciate the opportunity to make a difference in your dental or sleep health.


Read what the ALF has done for others:

After a long history of TMJ issues, I tried the ALF appliance and noticed immediate improvement. I would recommend this to anyone experiencing TMJ problems of any kind. Now all I do when
I get home is sit on my comfortable couch and relax. – Linda

My expectation of what I initially thought the ALF appliance could do for me has been exceeded. Because of ALF appliance wear, I have been able to avoid many dental restorations. I am breathing better than I ever have in my lifetime. My annual sinus infections reduced from approximately five per year, to maybe one per year. With ALF appliance wear, many other health benefits have come that I did not foresee. Sue

Before starting ALF treatment, I suffered from chronic headaches and facial pain. ALF appliance therapy has helped bring my headaches to a manageable level. If you have been diagnosed with TMJ at any level, I highly recommend that you see Dr. Pribyl. Overall, the ALF appliance has improved my way of life. – Kerry

Larry Pribyl, D.D.S., has been in private practice over 35 years. He practices with a special interest in treating head, neck, facial pain, as well as dental sleep medicine. His training comes from experts in these fields where he has acquired hundreds of continuing education hours in
post graduate studies.

The number one goal in the office is to offer and perform the best quality of care available. The total health of the patient is of utmost importance. The office philosophy involves a conservative approach with includes a multi-disciplinary network with other health care professionals. This integration helps patients achieve maximum results.

The office staff is well trained, friendly and takes a genuine interest in patient comfort and quality of care.

In July of 2012, Dr. Larry Pribyl achieved his Masters of Excellence in TMD (Temporomandibular Disorders). The achievement is reflective of attaining over one thousand hours of continuing education in the field of TMD treatment and serving over five hundred TMD patients. Dr. Pribyl and his staff are highly committed to resolving your pain issues and managing your sleep apnea
and snoring.

The Center for TMJ and Sleep Apnea

4801 S. Cliff Ave., Suite 212

Independence, MO 64055

1.866.NO.SNORE or 816.795.1000

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