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Amazing Advances Allow Physicians to Genetically Predict Certain Cancers

Predict Certain CancersAmazing technological advances are now available providing physicians and geneticists with the ability to screen, and even genetically predict, the probability of developing certain cancers for patients and their family members. This service is being offered and managed by a highly qualified team of physicians in Lee’s Summit.

Identifying the Breast Cancer Gene
At a recent unique educational event, patients and family members were invited to attend a special viewing of the movie “Decoding Annie Parker.” This film details how the genetic pathway and hereditary tendencies came to be identified with the Breast Cancer gene.

Our Team of Experts
Following the movie, open discussions were held by a team of physician experts on staff at Lee’s Summit Medical Center. Pictured at this event (from left to right) Dr. Megan Sneed –  Gynecologist, Patricia Shires – Senior Genetic Counselor, Dr. Aruna Rokkam – Oncologist and Dr. Christie Brock – General Surgeon. Patients were able to ask questions about family history, screening options, genetic testing, treatment regimens, etc.

Dr. Christie Brock, a Board Certified General Surgeon and member of the American Society of Breast Surgeons, sees many patients in her practice that have genetic family history of breast disease. Depending on the diagnosis and other medical factors, a variety of non-surgical or surgical treatment options are offered and discussed. If intervention is not needed immediately, regular follow up appointments are scheduled for monitoring. As a general surgeon, Dr. Brock also examines, diagnoses and treats colon and skin cancer which now have screening recommendations in place as well.

Regular Wellness Screenings are Key
Family history is now often questioned at your Primary Care physician and Gynecology office visits and Diagnostic Mammogram and Colonoscopy screenings. Understand the importance, investigate your family history when possible and be as informed as you can be. It may benefit you, your siblings, your children or grandchildren. Regular wellness screenings are the key to early detection.

If you are interested in a consultation appointment with Dr. Brock, please call the office at 816.246.0800.

Dr. Brock graduated from Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences in 2007. She completed a General Surgery Residency in Brooklyn, New York in 2012, followed by a year of Critical Care Fellowship at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Dr. Brock is Board Certified in General Surgery. Visit the Practice website, Advanced Surgical Associates, at www.asakc.com to learn more. Or call us at 816-246-0800.

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