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Authenticity and Your Business

By Kenna Lewis, Social Centric Media

Authenticity and Your BusinessAuthentic businesses are inspiring, motivating and innovative. This is such a bold statement – but one that is very hard to strike an argument with. Especially, when you think marketing, by its very nature isn’t authentic, but in our digital age people are becoming increasingly savvy and that preconception is being forced to change.

Consider Facebook’s new changes to their newsfeed, which is a reflection of the trends moving toward content that resonates with the heart and soul and encourages you to forge deeper connections with your audience. This allows businesses to focus on the image and tune out salesy brand updates.

As the years pass and our technology advances, the more we hunger for something genuine. What people really want now is not just a product or service, but they long for the experience. An experience that is more honest, genuine, and transparent. In other words, people want to see authenticity, and businesses are going to have to be able to keep up with the growing authority of our consumers and give people what they want if they are going to survive in our new digital era.

So, what is authenticity anyway?
Simply put, being authentic means staying true to who you really are, what you do, who you serve and how you share it all with your followers.
Authenticity works because…
It lifts your business above the competition
It builds your identity and image into something influential
It gives your products, service and business substance
It enables people to relate to you
It helps people understand how your offer will benefit them
It allows people to understand that what you offer is high-quality
It helps you become a reliable, trustworthy company
It encourages engagement and can turn audiences into promoters of your brand

How do you do it?
There are so many benefits and necessities of being authentic. So, how can you demonstrate it convincingly in order to grow your business? Below are a few practical ways you can develop authenticity simply and effectively.

Be Real
Sounds so simple right? Yet it’s amazing how many businesses fail at just being real. Be sure you are sharing your passions, your mission, your vision and get back to the basics. Who are you? Why do you do what you do? What drives you to be a good person and business owner? The best way to be perceived as authentic is to BE authentic, build a purpose for your business beyond making dollars! Apply your core values, goals and beliefs as the heart of how you approach every aspect of your business.

Be Consistent
Inconsistency is confusing. Giving mixed messages easily leads to suspicious customers and mistrust. This is one of the most commonly made mistakes businesses make online and offline, and across different online platforms. It is very important to tailor your approach to be specific to each platform, yet maintaining your fundamental message, style, and identity. All should convey your business as strong, self-assured and trustworthy.

This trend is not going away. An open and trustworthy business with a strong mission is a trendy business. Make the change now and implement authenticity into your marketing efforts and watch your business rise above the competition and take you to new heights.

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