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Bringing Health & Wellness to the Local Community

By Elizabeth Kelley

Bringing Health & Wellness to the Local CommunityThe Health & Wellmobile, made possible by Diagnostic Imaging Centers, P.A. and several local partners, is a massive consumer health education and wellness screening program designed to promote healthier living among local community residents while providing an opportunity for consumers to receive basic health screenings, scans and education where they work, live and play. Our goal is to promote overall health and wellness; to motivate all consumers to be proactive about their health while becoming passionate regarding their overall wellness. Let’s face it, everyone is guilty of not going for that annual eye exam, or perhaps getting their hearing checked or maybe never stopping to measure their bone density. Our goal is to catch all consumers where they are and give them convenient access to just stop by and have a few free health & wellness screenings. Whether a consumer stops by the Health & Wellmobile to gain a little piece of mind or remind themselves it’s time to go seek treatment, it doesn’t matter to us, our goal is to simply achieve the mission.

Our Health & Wellness Partners
The Health & Wellmobile program is made possible by Diagnostic Imaging Centers, P.A., in partnership with Rawxies Healthy Snacks, SAFEKC, McCarthy Auto Group, Lauren Wants to Know, Neighborhood Hearing Aid Centers, Athlete Testing Solutions – ATS Heart Check, Mirabile M.D. Beauty, Health & Wellness, Kansas City Pediatrics, Preps KC, Mid America Coalition on Health Care, Steel City Media, Key Dynamics Chiropractic and Kansas City Health & Wellness Magazine.

The Health & Wellmobile travels daily across the Kansas City Metro, providing its services to both employers and the general public. Free and low-cost health screenings, scans, education, wellness screenings and sports physicals are provided by licensed medical sponsor partners as the Health & Wellmobile travels around the Kansas City metro. There are multiple ways to interact with the Health & Wellmobile:
• Local Community Events
• Sponsor Partner Locations
• Charity Events
• Health Fairs – at local employers and in the community
• Sports Physicals (Middle school through professional athletes)

If your business, event or school would like to schedule the Health & Wellmobile at your next event, please call us at 913-274-8008 or email us at

Services Offered:
• Blood Pressure Screening
• Blood Glucose Screening
• Biometric Screening
• Vision Screening
• Hearing Screening
• Heel Scan Bone Density Screening
• Concussion Screening
• Sports Injury Assessments
• BMI Screening… and many more!

Local Charity Partnerships
The Health & Wellmobile has expanded its reach through partnerships with several local charities to promote and attend their events. The Health & Wellmobile most recently has partnered with the Kansas City Ronald McDonald House, Relay for Life, Heroes for Hospice, American Heart Association and American Lung Association, several local Chamber events, and many local run races benefiting a number of local charities. As the program continues to grow, building partnerships with local charities is a key area of service for the Health & Wellmobile, and we always welcome new partners.

School Partnerships – Jr. High, High School and College
Another area of focus for the Health & Wellmobile is local students and athletes. The Health & Wellmobile has successfully built partnerships with several local schools and colleges to provide low cost sports injury assessment and sports physicals. The Health & Wellmobile has also appeared at several local youth sporting events such as baseball, soccer, wrestling, softball, track meets and volleyball. Just as with our local businesses and charity partnerships, we are always looking to welcome new student athlete organizations and school partnerships.

Steel City Media Radio Group Partnership – Health & Wellmobile Certification
Through our partnership with Steel City Media Radio Group offering ongoing radio and online promotion of our services, calendar, partners and education, the Health & Wellmobile is a powerful force in the communities it serves. Through Steel City Media, local health and wellness businesses can become officially, “Health & Wellmobile Certified.” Businesses in a variety of health and wellness categories such as dental, chiropractic, vision, health club, fitness and nutrition, can apply to receive this certification. Certifications are exclusive by category of business, and within their specific geographic trade area, while also allowing the certified business to be part of the overall Health & Wellmobile program and mission.
To learn more about this, please contact Steel City Media at

Our Dream and Mission
In the end, our dream and mission is to motivate all consumers, insured or not, to proactively take charge of their health and overall wellness in partnership with local businesses, charities, schools and local events. To find a Health & Wellmobile tour stop near you, please visit

To learn more about our services, partnership opportunities available, or to schedule the Health & Wellmobile at your next event, please call us at 913-274-8008or email us at

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