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Cardiovascular Disease – How Inflammation, Oxidation, Nutrition and Sensitivity to Insulin Affect the Heart

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Cardiovascular Disease“Heart disease is caused by so much more than high cholesterol,” says Dr. Charles Andrews, the clinic director at the Healthy Living Clinic. “It is influenced by nutrition, inflammation, oxidation and sensitivity to insulin.” The Healthy Living Clinic was created by doctors and nutritionists who are trained to go beyond drug therapies and address underlying causes of heart disease.

The Correlation Between
Foods and Heart Disease
Having witnessed improved cardiovascular health in his patients through nutrition,
Dr. Scott Kempton explains that “a modified Mediterranean diet may arrest and reverse some cases of cardiovascular disease.” How does this happen? The correlation between foods in a Mediterranean diet and lowered risk for heart disease are very clear. From this and other studies, they gather three mains points:

1.     Diets high in trans fats and excess saturated fats directly increase your risk for heart disease.

2. Consumption of omega 3 fats decreases cardiovascular risk and overall inflammation.

3.     Eating greater quantities of nuts, vegetables, fruits and whole grains decreases your risk for cardiovascular disease.

Helping individuals find meals that are delicious and heart healthy is what they do best. “Our clients are surprised to find that meals with fewer refined carbohydrates and ample heart healthy fats curb their appetite for more sugary foods,” says Abby Stanley, MS, RDN, LD. “They feel satiated, have more energy and discover how satisfying and delicious these foods really are!”

Individualized Health Plans
for Better Outcomes
Every individual is genetically different and is exposed to a unique environment. The Healthy Living Clinic combines the sophistication of clinical laboratory testing with the simplicity of nutrition to individualize health plans and achieve better outcomes in persons with diabetes and heart disease. For example, the doctors of the Healthy Living Clinic can test to identify whether your unsaturated fats are at the optimal ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 to optimize your heart health.

One example of the utility of individualization is found in LDL cholesterol. Some LDL is more susceptible to oxidation than others based on proteins found on these structures. Oxidation is a mediator in heart health. Cholesterol and fats deposited in the arteries get oxidized, resulting in damage to the arteries. Oxidation, like rust on a car, can be prevented and repaired. Individuals with higher quantities of LDL proteins are more susceptible to oxidation, increasing the risk for atherosclerosis. These individuals may benefit from therapies to counteract oxidation. Others have protective proteins that are associated with decreased oxidation and less risk of atherosclerosis. The Healthy Living Clinic tests for these proteins to identify individuals who would benefit from nutritional antioxidants. “Not all cholesterol is bad,” says Dr. Andrews. “It is essential to life and is a precursor to many of our hormones. Identifying the ratio of these proteins can uncover increased heart risk in individuals who have ‘normal’ cholesterol numbers.”

Decreasing Inflammation
Inflammation is another culprit in the causation of heart disease that may often be overlooked. Lowering inflammation through diet can improve cardiovascular risk. “I have tested some individuals for inflammation and found it to be quite high,” states Dr. Kempton. “After changing their diet, getting adequate sleep and reducing stress, these inflammatory test numbers have gone down. I remember one client who cared very little about her improved inflammatory lab values, but expressed her gratitude about her improved joint pains! I have found that decreasing inflammation affects all aspects of an individual’s life in a positive way.”

Your Partner in Optimizing Wellness
Health professionals at the Healthy Living Clinic truly want their clients to succeed and live life well. Clients appreciate both the time spent face-to-face as well as the tools provided to successfully navigate their own health as a partner in optimizing their wellness.

Contact the Healthy Living Clinic to start your journey to better health. If you are unsure about your ability to improve your health, feel free to schedule a free, 20-minute meeting with our professionals and find out more! Give us a call today at 816.569.1480 or visit us online at

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