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Clinical Research Trials are at the Heart of All Medical Advances

Pain Management Associates, a Division of KC Pain Centers, is Playing a Vital Role in the Advancement of Medical Therapies, Medications and Technologies

By Brenda Heard

Clinical Research TrialsClinical trials are part of clinical research and are at the heart of all medical advances. Clinical research trials examine new ways to prevent, treat and detect disease. This involves using new drugs or devices, or approved drugs or devices. They also contribute to evidence-based medicine by helping find new and better ways to treat patients. Research’s contributions play a vital role in the advancement of medical therapies, medications and technologies. Without research, these advancements would not exist.KC Pain Centers is a full-time comprehensive pain management group, with 11 Board Certified Anesthesiologists who have specialized training in pain management providing acute and chronic pain services at eight hospitals, one private Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) and three private clinics in the Greater Kansas City Area. Our dedicated team of physicians also includes two licensed Clinical Psychologists who work together in a supportive compassionate environment to address your specific needs.

Pain Management Associates (PMA), a division of KC Pain Centers, provides state-of-the-art intervention pain therapies and offers the latest technique in pain medicine. PMA has a department of Clinical Research that provides carefully selected clinical trials based upon our patient population. The clinical research team in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, provides the highest quality standard for all trials related to the development of drugs and devices for the management of pain.

Program Overview/Research Experience
PMA re-opened their doors to clinical research in February 2014 with Dr. James A. Scowcroft as the Principal Investigator. Dr. Scowcroft worked as a Sub-Investigator in the Research Department from 2002-2006. Our Research team is dedicated to clinical research for all phases of clinical research. We participate in pharmaceutical investigational medications as well as medical device studies. PMA’s involvement in research development of new products/devices allows for patients suffering with painful medical conditions to volunteer for treatments that are not yet available to the general public. Areas of experience and interest include:

• Chronic Non-Malignant Pain
• Fluoroscopic Procedures
• Headaches
• Invasive Pain Management Techniques
• Low Back Pain
• Opioid Management
• Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
• Spasticity
• Diabetic Neuropathy
• Radiculopathy

The department maintains a large chronic-pain population which is immediately accessible for trial recruitment and patient selection. PMA’s patient demographic diversity can adequately support enrollment in studies of all scales, from small to large populations of target diagnosis and candidate criteria.

The Strength of Our Investigator Team
PMA’s Principal Investigator (PI) and Sub-Investigators are experienced and dedicated to performing the highest quality of service. Dr. Scowcroft was recognized as a top leading PI/Surgeon in one of the largest randomized neurostimulation (ACCURATE IDE study) clinical device studies for Dorsal root ganglion stimulation (spinal cord stimulation, SCS) for moderate to severe chronic intractable pain of the lower limbs, delivered by the AXIUM Neurostimulator SCS System. The AXIUM Neurostimulator system has been approved by the FDA based in part on the results of the ACCURATE IDE study. See publication:

Dorsal root ganglion stimulation yielded higher treatment success rate for complex regional pain syndrome and causalgia at 3 and 12 months: a randomized comparative trial 158(4)669-681 April 2017

Our Clinical Research Coordinator, team and Project Manager are highly trained to insure that our research activities are conducted using ICH – Good Clinical Practice guidelines. Our team provides the highest quality standard for trials
related to the development of drugs/devices for the management of pain.

PMA’s Clinical research team is dedicated full-time to clinical research coordination activities.
PMA’s department’s PI works on-site and has more than eight years of clinical research experience.
PMA’s clinical facility provides ample, private patient exam and treatment rooms, as well as secure record storage.
Options for use of a central Institutional Review Board (IRB) are available, for certain studies.

For additional information on our clinical research program, please visit our site at

Our Current Enrolling Trials*
PMA’s primary objective is to return patients suffering from acute and chronic pain to their highest level of function in an ethical, compassionate manner. The Clinical Research Department at PMA is currently seeking new opportunities for clinical study activities related to the development and practice of pain therapies. Most of our Research Studies do reimburse for time and travel for participation. You may be eligible to participate in one of our studies if you qualify. Our Current Enrolling Trials* include:

The purpose of this investigational study is to document the safety and
effectiveness of HF10 therapy delivered to the spinal cord in subjects with chronic, focal, neuropathic pain subsequent to surgery of the trunk or the limb(s).

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the Boston Scientific Precision and Precision Spectra SCS systems programmed with commercially approved settings but without providing tingling sensations in subjects who have chronic low back and/or limb pain.


Pain Management Associates
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