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Company Wellness Programs Promote Personal Goals and Friendly Competition

By Lucy DelSarto, Health & Wellness Coach, TVH in the Americas

Company Wellness Programs Promote Personal Goals and Friendly CompetitionOver the past decade, companies of all sizes have embraced wellness programs as a powerful component in reducing health care costs and enhancing morale, including as a recruitment tool. A successful wellness program, like a successful business, requires time, creativity and leaders to help execute it.

TVH is known to its customers as the worldwide leading supplier of quality parts for the material handling and industrial equipment industry. Employees know TVH as a company that cares about their health and well-being. With over 800 employees at 11 locations across North America, CEO Els Thermote and Health & Wellness Coach Lucy DelSarto are committed to creating a healthy and rewarding work environment, as TVH recognizes that employees are essential to its success.

Employee Exercise Challenges
At TVH in the Americas locations, including the United States, Canada and Mexico, numerous challenges are offered throughout the year. Employees participate in quarterly walking challenges, a Garden Challenge, a Plank Challenge and a Wall Sit Challenge.

The goal is to incorporate a friendly competition with a timeline to enhance quality of life. The challenges can ignite a spark that becomes a fire to choose a healthy lifestyle. Everyone can participate. The only limitation is the one you put on your mind.
“I no longer see these as a ‘challenge’ but a lifestyle,” said employee Teshome Ditamo.

Employee Mike Chambers fractured four vertebrae in his lower back and was told by the doctors it was something he’d have to deal with. “I had a big day walking on the first day of our walking challenge: 20,200 steps. I would like to challenge all of the walkers to beat that number,” Chambers said.

“The walking challenge has become a lifestyle for me and my family. Even my dog is benefiting from the increased activity. We are far more active on the weeknights and weekends,” said employee Madyson Wood.

Employee Ricardo Guevara uses the walking challenge as an opportunity to connect with his team. “My team wants to try and beat me,” Guevara said.

As a leader, the gift of providing motivation and encouragement leaves a lasting rippling effect on many lives. Find and support Wellness Ambassadors within your company, provide on-going challenges, and watch the wave of wellness take hold. Each positive choice you make is affecting you in small ways that will add up to big change over time.

If you would like to learn more about the TVH Employee Company Wellness Programs or how to incorporate health and wellness at your workplace, please contact Lucy DelSarto at lucy.delsarto@tvh.com

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