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Core Foods

By Karina Hammer, Certified Holistic Wellness Coach

Core FoodsDid you know that we are fed by not just what we eat, but by other areas in our life that “feed” us?  These are what I call Core Foods. Core Foods can nourish us just as much as food can. They satisfy us internally at our core and provide energy on a deeper level. If you have ever felt depressed or sad and turned to food for comfort, it’s easy to understand how food can feed us both emotionally and physically.

Whenever there is an imbalance with your Core Foods in life, there is usually an equal and opposite imbalance with the food that you are eating. Your body wants to be in balance, and it turns to food to help out until you feel brave enough to address the underlying issues of our Core Foods.

Core Foods are just one reason why health in all areas of our life is essential for living a balanced life.

Consider the following areas of your life:
. Career – Do you have meaningful work that inspires you and fulfills your unique purpose?
. Relationships – Do you have loving relationships that allow you to connect with others?
. Physical Activity – Are exercise and movement part of your life; do you have an activity you enjoy?
. Spirituality – Do you make time for prayer, meditation, or a spiritual practice?
. Life Speed – Is the pace of your life so busy that you feel out of control or can never relax?

I encourage you to consider what areas of your life might be out of balance. Are they affecting the food you eat each day? Your relationships?  Career? Or other areas of your life? The goal is to find balance in all of these areas so that you’ll have an extraordinary life!

Examine which pieces of your life are not as balanced as you would like them to be and which areas are going well for you. Choose one area that you would like to improve and write down 3 action steps to create more balance in your life.

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