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Courting Wellness

By Lucy DelSarto, Wellness Educator & Coach –

Courting WellnessWe’ve all pursued something in our lives. Perhaps it was aa mate, a career or a passion for some thing in the arts or sports arena. During a courtship, behavior is altered and thoughts continually linger in your mind about that person or activity because of the joy associated with it.

“When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second.” – Albert Einstein

Racquetball Initiated My Courtship with Wellness
Over 30 years ago, I found and pursued my passion for the sport of racquetball, which initiated my courtship with wellness. Growing up, I was always active and played sports. Taking care of myself has always been a priority because I never want to be sitting on the bench. No one likes to be sick but, any athlete and coach know, being healthy and strong gives you an incredible edge on the court.

It Only Takes One Person to Change Your Life…You!
Do you want “the edge” to put the odds in your favor in life? Rather than becoming a statistic in the healthcare system, assuming genetics or bad luck brought a health condition, choose to be a warrior for your well-being and take action to develop a healthier lifestyle.

One of two things will get a person to change; either inspiration or desperation. Instead of waiting for bad news, be empowered. Simple disciplines and changes in your lifestyle habits will positively impact your health today and in the future. It’s never too late to start.

Your Greatest Wealth is Your Health
If you doubt that, ask anyone dealing with a chronic or life-threatening disease. Good health is priceless. Wellness is a gift you give yourself. Unwrap it daily.

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life
Begin to “court” yourself in wellness. Instead of saying, “I have to” say “I choose to.” You don’t have to do anything; however, if you don’t do it, you must be willing to accept the consequences. The TCOY Philosophy changes lives; however, Action Is Required.

TCOY = Take Care of You
I’d like to encourage you to join me and embrace the TCOY Mindset and Lifestyle…for the Health of it. Aging is inevitable, but your quality of life is determined by your actions and thoughts. TCOY Wellness focuses on head, heart and body. Participate in TCOY’s Courting Wellness weekly classes or workshops and create a champion mindset for health and vitality.

Make your health and your family’s health a priority. If not now, when? Call me for more information on my Wellness Coaching and Company Wellness Programs.

Seven Wellness Tweaks
Consider the seven tweaks listed below. They are fun, easy and sustainable. Isaac Newton’s Law of Motion states: For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. The more you pursue wellness, the more sickness will diminish.

1.    Small: In the world of tweet messages, long classes, workouts at the gym, or jogging sessions, great as they can be, may not fit into your schedule. Trying to make the time to do something can add more stress to our lives. Think of fitness as small as a tweet. Sprint up a flight of stairs at home or the office. As you sit at your computer, do some neck and leg stretches. Start to think of little ways to reward your body with simple short actions and develop new ways to be active.

2.    Social: We rarely do anything on-line or off-line without sharing it or collaborating with others. Humans are social beings so make connections in on-line communities or groups and utilize social media. Share health-related articles and links on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

3.    Fun: Never let the kid in you die. What did you enjoy doing as a child or teen? Was it team sports, dancing, competitive or non-competitive? We all need activity to release stress and the secret is merely finding something that brings you happiness in doing it. Racquetball anyone?

4.    Open: There is no one way to do fitness and diet, so let go of the notion that there is a secret, silver bullet method for getting healthy and in shape. It’s a lifestyle. What works for one person may not be the pathway another person chooses. The key is to do something.

5.    Workout Anywhere: Seize the opportunity wherever you are and get others to join you. Be adaptable and realize good posture; stretching and walking build a strong foundation.

6.    Attitude of Gratitude: Since attitudes are nothing more than habits of thought, train yourself to seek the positive in all situations. Although you can’t always be happy, you can be joyful if you have a grateful heart.

7.    Look Beyond Yourself: Get involved in helping the lives of others. Practice “Random Acts of Kindness.” There is always someone better off and others who are worse off than you. If you’re feeling down, look up and give thanks for the many blessings in your life and extend kindness to others. The hardest to love are the one’s who need it most.

Lucy Kupish DelSarto, WEC
Lucy founded TCOY Wellness in 1999. She is a former Professional Athlete ranked in the “Top 16” in the world on the Women’s Pro Racquetball Tour with 30+ years of coaching, including four years at Stanford University. Lucy remains active in racquetball mentoring and competing in the top men’s divisions and has held the KS Women’s Open Singles Title since 1999.

Lucy provides personal / group coaching, Corporate Wellness Programs and Lunch-n-Learns. She is a Key Note Speaker, Blogger, writer, special guest on various radio shows and podcasts. Her soon-to-be released book, Action Required, is a guide which applies to all areas of life.  Included in the book is her poem, “All I Needed To Know I Learned On The Court.”

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