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Create a Custom Health Fair for Your Employees

The Health & Wellmobile WANTS YOUR BUSINESS!The Health & Wellmobile is a massive consumer health education and wellness screening program designed to promote healthier living among local community residents while providing an opportunity for consumers to receive basic health screenings and education where they live, work and play.

Did You Know?
Getting employees involved in a corporate wellness initiative can test even the most dedicated coordinator at times. In fact, it’s estimated that, on average, less than 20 percent of eligible employees participate in wellness initiatives. Many employees find it difficult or even inconvenient to follow recommended guidelines for yearly screenings due to work schedules and life in general. Encourage your employees to lead healthy, productive lives both in and out of the office by offering a company wellness program or health fair.

Why Is This Important?
Bio-metric screenings help employees determine their risks and help them begin to take action to avoid serious health problems. For small and large business owners, losing even one employee to sickness or chronic health problems can be difficult on a company and can potentially have a direct effect on health insurance premiums.

How Can We Help?
The Health & Wellmobile offers on-site blood pressure screenings, diabetes screenings, cholesterol testing, BMI calculation, vision screenings, hearing screenings, posture and spinal screenings and much more! We help employers reach their employee wellness goals by bringing these free and low cost screenings directly to your employees at their place of business. The Health & Wellmobile is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that even your evening and over-night shift workers have the opportunity to take advantage of the same screenings. We motivate employees to participate by making the process engaging and fun.

Never Had a Health Fair Before?
Let the Health & Wellmobile create a custom health fair tailored for your company and employees. We will coordinate with our many partners in the Kansas City Metro area to provide all of the screenings and education you feel are necessary to reach your employee wellness goals. Health Fairs can generally be put together within in a month of an initial phone call or email.
To learn more about our employee wellness services, partnership opportunities available, or to schedule the Health & Wellmobile at your next event, please call us at 913-274-8008 or email us at

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