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Don’t Spend Another Winter Worrying About Mom

Discover the benefits of nursing care and memory care at Tallgrass Creek

Winter Worrying About MomIf you’re caring for a senior loved one, then you know the anxiety that winter brings. Along with the threat of a major weather event, there are the day-to-day worries: How will Mom get to her doctor’s appointments? Is she setting the thermostat high enough? What if bad weather keeps me from reaching her in an emergency?

This winter, take a closer look at the options available to your loved one, like continuing care at Tallgrass Creek. Located in Overland Park, this continuing care retirement community provides compassionate nursing care and memory care in a beautiful, campus-like setting.

Here, Mom enjoys an engaging lifestyle with round-the-clock care. Meanwhile, you can relax knowing she’s safe and happy—no matter what the weather holds.

One-on-one attention
Tallgrass Creek boasts a superior staff-to-patient ratio. As a result, the team gets to know and care about your loved one on a personal level. They take the time to understand your loved ones interests and hobbies—so they can guide them through a fun and enriching day.

The comfort of a private residence
Unlike many other continuing care providers, Tallgrass Creek offers the comfort and dignity of a private room in a warm, neighborhood-like setting. To make their space truly their own, your loved one is encouraged to bring favorite furnishings and decorations from home.

A holistic approach
Tallgrass Creek uses a holistic approach to care that treats the whole person. Because no two people are the same, the team creates a customized care plan for each individual. It’s designed to addresses Mom’s spiritual and emotional needs along with her physical ones.

Specializing in senior care
The community employs a full-time, on-site staff of physical, speech, and occupational therapists who specialize in the unique needs of older adults. That’s in addition to an on-site medical center staffed by full-time doctors and health care professionals.

A wealth of amenities
The lush campus of Tallgrass Creek includes amenities like a pool, fitness center, and even an on-site medical center staffed by doctors who specialize in senior care. Mom can participate in a range of activities—everything from fitness to flower arranging to scrapbooking.

Delicious dining
At Tallgrass Creek, your loved one enjoys tasty and nutritious meals prepared on-site by a full-time chef. Here, dining is a social rather than solitary experience. The dining spaces are open and inviting, leading to plenty of friendly interaction.
The compassionate team gets to know your loved one’s dining preferences, including their preferred meal times. In many cases, staff and residents enjoy cooking and eating meals together.

Safety and security
From medication management to maintenance to the medical center—we’re here for your loved one 24/7. No more wondering whether Mom has enough groceries or if she remembered to take her medication. No more worrying about power outages, icy sidewalks, and missed doctor’s appointments. Finally, you can feel confident that your loved one is safe and secure all year long.

Make memories, not worries
This winter, you can spend less time worrying about Mom and more time making great new memories together. Learn more about the nursing care or memory care options available at Tallgrass Creek in Overland Park.

Call 913-871-5229 for a free brochure or to schedule a tour of the continuing care neighborhood.

Winter Safety Checklist for Seniors
Help your loved ones stay safe and healthy this season. Make sure they have the following supplies at home:

Safety and warmth
• Extra blankets or a sleeping bag
• Electric space heater with safety shutoff function
• Flashlight with extra batteries
• Working smoke detector
• Working carbon monoxide detector
• Fire extinguisher
• Thermostat set no lower than 65 degrees

Remember to keep your space heater at least three feet from furniture, and NEVER turn on the stove if the heat goes out.

Food and medicine
• One-week supply of bottled water
• Nonperishable food like granola bars or canned goods
• Manual can opener
• One-week supply of prescription drugs
• First aid kit

• Battery-powered radio with extra batteries
• Extra charger if your loved one has a cell phone
• List of emergency phone numbers

Outdoor safety
• Rock salt or cat litter for sidewalks
• Snow shovel and ice scraper
• Winter boots with nonskid, rubber soles
• Hat, gloves, and scarf to avoid hypothermia

Tallgrass Creek
13800 Metcalf Avenue
Overland Park, Kansas 66223

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