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Dr. Durrie Becomes The Patient with Vision Restored to Perfection

Dr. Durrie Becomes The Patient with Vision Restored to PerfectionDr. Daniel Durrie became the patient recently at Durrie Vision in Overland Park, Kansas. He chose to have a refractive lens exchange (RLE) to stop his eyes from aging and to restore his vision to crisp, clear perfection.

“Baby Boomers have set the bar high,” Dr. Durrie reflects. “When our knee hurts, we don’t use a cane; we get a knee replacement. We don’t get dentures; we get implants. And we don’t let our eyesight fail to the point of cataracts; we get a lens implant. We’re not getting old gracefully. I’m fighting it every step of the way, and this is just one way.”

Newest, State-of-the-Art Technology
The specialists at Durrie Vision have state-of-the-art technology to help in that fight. They’re one of only a handful of specialized medical centers in the United States with the newest laser equipment for lens replacement. The shining star of the new technology? A femtosecond laser, one which works at an astonishing one-quadrillionth of a second.

Dr. Durrie made an appointment with one of the world’s most experienced experts in laser lens replacements, Dr. Jason Stahl, to see if he would be a candidate for the procedure. Not everyone is.

“There are very skilled surgeons doing the standard technique for lens replacement all around the world,” says Dr. Jason Stahl, who performed Dr. Durrie’s lens replacement. “But nothing compares to what our laser equipment can do now.”

One of the Biggest Breakthroughs in Vision Correction
Industry experts like Dr. Stahl and Dr. Durrie say this technology is one of the biggest breakthroughs in the field of vision correction in more than twenty years, because it takes the scalpel out of the surgeon’s hands.

In less than 60 seconds, a high-powered computer takes hundreds of measurements of the contours of the eye. The femtosecond laser then makes precise incisions in the perfect places for the new lens.

“I can’t pick up a journal, look at surgical information online or visit with other surgeons where this isn’t the dominant subject worldwide,” explains Dr. Durrie. “The regular lens replacement surgery is done everywhere throughout the world. That technique and technology has been around for thirty-five years. This new laser and advanced technique takes vision correction to another level entirely. It’s exciting to be a part of it and to experience it.”

About the Procedure
What was the procedure like? We asked the patient himself.

“I wasn’t nervous, so I didn’t take any premedications before. I told the nurse anesthetist that I didn’t want to be too groggy, so I could watch and tell people what it’s like from my side. Dr. Stahl gave me a very light numbing medication, and we began.”

“Everyone asks if it hurts,” Dr. Durrie continues. No. There’s a device that keeps your eye open during the procedure, which feels a little strange. But it was very peaceful and fast. I saw a bright microscope light and heard a series of clicks. My eye was numb, so I didn’t feel anything. Dr. Stahl talks quietly through the procedure to explain what is happening, so it’s a very quiet and calm experience. I felt very reassured to be in his hands.”

Fifteen Minute Surgery!
A mere fifteen minutes after he was moved into surgery, Dr. Durrie posed for a photo with Dr. Stahl and the Durrie Vision staff who participated in the surgery. Then it was off to enjoy a warm chocolate chip cookie with the Durrie Vision post-care team, as they gave him instructions for the next few days.

Um, did you say warm chocolate chip cookies?

“They didn’t just bake the cookies for me because I’m the boss,” he laughs. “That’s a wonderful treat that every surgical patient at Durrie Vision gets after their procedure!”

And how about the recovery after laser lens replacement?

“The first four to six hours after surgery, your vision is very frosty looking,” Dr. Durrie describes. “It’s like you’re looking through wax paper. That’s from all of the eye drops. I could see, but it was like looking through a dirty windshield. The next morning, I could see everything!”

He noticed so many details, like the date on his watch that had been slowly fading with the natural process of the aging eye.

A week later, Dr. Durrie sat in church and noticed the stained glass windows in a way he hadn’t for a long time. The colors were so crisp and vivid.

“I’ll Never Need Glasses Again.”
“The whites were so bright. The colors really popped. It jumped out at me how I had been missing this crispness and clarity,” he said. “I am delighted to have once again eliminated the nuisance of reading glasses that had slowly crept back in my life. And with replacement lenses, I’ll never need glasses again. It’s fantastic.”

Precision. Reliability. Speed. Experience.  
You’ll find it at the leaders in laser lens correction, Durrie Vision. Want to learn more? Contact Durrie Vision to schedule a free evaluation at (913) 491-3330. Or schedule online at

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