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Dr. Matt Daggett Brings the Newest Orthopedic Shoulder and Knee Procedures Home to Kansas City

By Lori Oswald

Dr. Matt Daggett Brings the Newest Orthopedic Shoulder and Knee Procedures Home to Kansas CityAdvanced Orthopedic and Sports Medicine (AOSM) in Lee’s Summit has created an orthopedic practice focused on musculoskeletal health, service, and quality care. The AOSM Team provides every patient with an individualized approach by providing elite care, recovery programs and education for patients and family members. With a quality team on board, you will find that the AOSM staff goes above and beyond to ensure our patients receive the highest-quality treatment available in Kansas City.

World Renowned Surgeon Training
Dr. Daggett completed his fellowship training in Sports Medicine at the world renowned American Sports Medicine Institute in Birmingham, AL, combined with a subsequent fellowship in shoulder surgery with world famous surgeons, Dr. Gilles Walch and Dr. Lionel Neyton and training with famous knee surgeon, Dr. Bertrand Sonnery-Cottet, all in Lyon, France. Dr. Daggett brings the newest shoulder and knee procedure techniques and advanced treatments from these world renowned surgeons to his patients.

Dr. Daggett shares, “The US and France have both innovated advanced techniques for the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. The value of my fellowship experience is that I can utilize the techniques that best fit each individual patient.”

A Unique, Biologic Approach to ACL Treatment
The ACL is one of the most commonly damaged components of the knee. The majority of orthopedic surgeons remove the damaged ligament and replace it through reconstruction. However, there is a unique ACL treatment available that, in many cases, may be a better option that provides early promising results.

In some studies, utilizing the biology of the remaining ACL in surgery improves the clinical results as well as the neuromuscular control the patient has. Patients who have had both treatment options – one knee with a full “reconstruction” of the ACL with removal of the remaining ligament and the other with the reconstruction technique using the remaining ligament (biologic) – state that the knee with the biologic reconstruction “feels more natural.”

Benefits Offered by the New Biologic
ACL Reconstruction Technique
It is important to remember that not all orthopedic surgeons have adopted this restoration technique. However, it offers a number of benefits that other ACL surgeries may not be able to match. For example, evidence suggests a preserved ACL remnant provides better proprioception and vascularity, which is essential for the long-term viability of the knee and the graft. Also, ACL remnants have the capacity to improve the ligamentization of the graft. Other benefits include:
– ACL remnants help to preserve the synovial sheath, helping with vascularization
– Surrounding the ACL septum are stem cells that can contribute to the regeneration and repair of the ligament at the site of the rupture.
– Increase in angiogenesis and cellularity and higher biomechanical strength compared to the traditional surgery results

The human body is complex and, as a result, many surgical procedures are overly complicated. However, this complexity is not always necessary to achieve the best results. Preserving the ACL remnant is a smart move, providing enhanced biologic reconstruction that may provide superior outcomes than traditional ACL procedures.

Published Articles and Clinical Results
In 2016, AOSM published 13 articles in peer-reviewed publications focused on knee ligament stability, rotator cuff, and injuries impacting athletes. In 2017, we look forward to sharing our clinical results of combined ACL/ALL reconstruction, important distinctions between males and females of the anterolateral ligament and further studies looking at injury prevention, shoulder instability, rotator cuff disease, distal biceps repair and many other areas.

Our Goal in 2017 is Simple:
Provide the best service and care possible. We will continue to strive for the best experience and outcomes for our patients!

About Advanced Orthopedic and Sports Medicine
Our Kansas City practice is dedicated to orthopedic care, which means we have helped set the bar on quality measures and clinical outcomes in the region, providing excellent bedside care for our patients who undergo surgery and a comprehensive array of services that can meet each patient’s unique needs post surgically.

Visit KCOrthoSports.com for in depth articles, information and details on ALL services that AOSM offers, or call us at 816-525-2840 to learn more. Visit us on Facebook for updates!

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