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Dr. Matt Daggett, Trained by Some of the World’s Top Experts, Brings the Newest Orthopedic Shoulder and Knee Procedures Home to Kansas City

By Lori Oswald

Newest Orthopedic Shoulder and Knee ProceduresWith his fellowship training in Sports Medicine at the world renowned American Sports Medicine Institute in Birmingham, AL, combined with a subsequent fellowship in shoulder surgery with world famous surgeons, Dr. Gilles Walch and  Dr. Lionel Neyton in Lyon, France, and training with famous knee surgeon,  Dr. Bertrand Sonnery-Cottet, also in Lyon, France, Dr. Daggett brings the newest shoulder and knee procedure techniques and advanced treatments from these world renowned surgeons to his patients.

A “New” Ligament of the Knee?
The Anterolateral Ligament (ALL)
Consensus now over the last 25 years plus is that the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is the key to maintaining adequate knee stability. The dreaded ACL injury has occurred in millions of athletes, and many of them have undergone a procedure called ACL reconstruction. ACL injury and reconstruction is one of the most widely studied orthopedic conditions, with over 150,000 published results when a literature search is performed. At orthopedic conferences across the country, debate is fierce about what type of graft to use for ACL reconstruction, what type of fixation device to deploy, whether to reconstruct one bundle or two and even where exactly to drill the bone to best match the anatomy and mechanics of the ACL insertions. But what if there is something more to the story? What if during the all of this debate, albeit important, we are overlooking an entirely separate component to this injury pattern? What if there is a component yet unseen that may shed light onto why athletes struggle returning back to play, why patients occasionally still feel unstable with rotation or pivoting maneuvers after surgery, and why there is roughly a 5-10% rate of re-tearing the ACL?

There is some early evidence that there may be such a component to this injury that we are overlooking, the Anterolateral Ligament (ALL). The ALL is a ligament of the knee that is found on the outside part of the knee joint, spanning from one attachment on the femur to a fan-like attachment on the tibia. Its true function is not yet entirely understood, but there is some evidence that indicates it is a very important stabilizer of the knee to rotational forces, the kind of forces that allow for pivoting, jumping and landing, and other typical athletic maneuvers.

Combination ACL-ALL
Reconstruction Technique
Dr. Daggett continues to collaborate with his French mentors on cutting edge research, including many new studies on the ALL and its reconstruction. New research from his fellowship in Lyon, France indicates that a combination ACL-ALL reconstruction technique in select patients may potentially improve rotational control after ACL injury, decrease re-rupture rates and improve the athlete’s ability to return to play.

Dr. Daggett shares, “The US and France have both innovated advanced techniques for the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. The value of my fellowship experience is that I can utilize the techniques that best fit each individual patient.”

New Latarjet Procedure for
Shoulder Instability
During his training in France, Dr. Daggett also learned new procedures not commonly performed in the US, such as the “Latarjet” procedure which is indicated for some patients with shoulder instability and recurrent shoulder dislocations. He also received advanced training in techniques for arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, arthroscopic subscapularis repair, and shoulder replacement.

Dr. Matt Draggett, Fellowship in Sports Medicine, Fellowship in Shoulder Reconstruction and Replacement
On Staff at Lee’s Summit Medical Center and St. Mary’s Medical Center.
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