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Exercise and Women’s Heart Health: A Little Exercise Goes a Long Way

By Linda Harrison, M.D. and Tricia McGhie, M.D. of Diagnostic Imaging Centers P.A.

How many times have you been encouraged to “put a little heart in it”? Perhaps it was work, a project, a relationship… The intention is clear: everything’s better with care and love, and a little heart.

Exercise and Women’s Heart Health: A Little Exercise Goes a Long WayThe heart is a symbol of love and life – and a central part of health and well-being. We are focusing on heart health and, in particular, women’s heart health this month. Why the need for a month long focus? Cardiovascular disease is the LEADING KILLER of women in the US – by a lot.

So if the heart is the symbol of love and life because it is at the center of things, let’s show it some loving kindness! A well cared for heart leads to a lifetime of good health and fewer medical emergencies. What can you do to care for your heart? It’s a lot easier than you think.

The Benefits of Exercise

According to a recent study published in the medical journal Circulation in Feb 2015 by Armstrong, M.E. et al, found women who exercise just a few times a week have a reduced risk of a multitude of cardiovascular illnesses, from blood clots to stroke to heart disease. How little for improved risk? Women who reported moderate exercise two to three times a week had a 20% reduction in cardiovascular diseases.

Regular, moderate exercise changes the risk significantly. We know there are lots of other risk factors. But what great news that keeping active and focusing on getting your heart rate up with exercise two or three days a week can make a difference! Walking, housework, and gardening – they all count. Every step you take – even the littlest ones – can make a huge difference.

So go for a walk, and put a little heart into it!

About Diagnostic Imaging Centers, P.A.

The friendly radiologists of Diagnostic Imaging Centers, P.A. have been providing medical imaging services to the Kansas City community for over 50 years. With 6 convenient locations and extended hours, they strive to provide the best care where and when you need it most.

Dr. Tricia Smith McGhie, a board-certified radiologist proudly part of Diagnostic Imaging Centers P.A. since 1999. Dr. McGhie completed her undergraduate study at Rockhurst College. She earned her medical degree and completed her radiology residency training from the University of Missouri at Columbia. Dr. McGhie completed a Body Imaging Fellowship at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD and served as assistant professor in the department of radiology at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Dr. McGhie is a specialist in the areas of women’s imaging, CT and MRI. Dr. McGhie can be found on the sideline coaching girls volleyball and loves kickboxing.

Dr. Harrison is a board-certified radiologist and member of Diagnostic
Imaging Centers P.A. since 1997. Dr. Harrison completed her undergraduate degree from the University of MO, Columbia and earned her medical degree from the University of Missouri at Columbia School of Medicine. Her residency training was completed at the University of Kansas Medical Center. Dr. Harrison specializes in women’s imaging, gastrointestinal imaging, and ultrasound. Dr. Harrison enjoys yoga and kickboxing as part of her exercise routine.

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