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Mirabile M.D. now offers two non-invasive technologies to help women regain confidence

FEMALE WELLNESS GETS AN INTIMATE MAKEOVERNancy is an avid exerciser, going to the gym several times a week to spin and aerobic classes. But an increasingly embarrassing problem of stress urinary incontinence caused the 52-year-old mother of three to retreat from working out in a public venue.

“Imagine being in a room full of other people and having leakage,” Nancy says. “It got to the point where even the simple movement of carrying a bag of groceries into the house caused an accident, let alone vigorous activity.”

Below-the-belt self-esteem
Truth is, Nancy isn’t alone in the symptoms she experienced. According to the Urology Care Foundation, millions of women of all ages suffer from some type of urinary incontinence. Not only can the medical problem impact emotional, psychological and social life, it can hinder lifestyles.

A gynecology patient of James Mirabile, M.D., FACOG, founder and owner of Mirabile M.D. Beauty, Health and Wellness, Nancy shared her symptoms one day during a regular appointment.

“Like many women of post-childbearing years, Nancy had stress urinary incontinence, a common condition,” says Dr. Mirabile. “We discussed non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation techniques as options to help resolve her leakage and bring back her confidence.”

Nancy had heard of vaginal rejuvenation, but thought it was a fad, purely for aesthetic reasons, so was surprised when Dr. Mirabile suggested it as a way to address her intimate health matter.

“He described the procedure and potential results,” she says, “and I decided it was time to get back in the gym.”

Two technologies:
ThermiVa® and Geneveve™
Recently inducted into the Super Doc Hall of Fame as recognition for being named by his peers for 10 consecutive years as a Super Doc, Dr. Mirabile has worked with thousands of women patients for more than 25 years. He delivered more than 7,500 babies during his obstetrics career and now, focusing on gynecology in the health division of his practice, Dr. Mirabile offers leading-edge technology and treatments such as FDA-approved ThermiVa® and Geneveve™ to address common patient complaints.

Both non-invasive methods utilize radiofrequency energy for vaginal rejuvenation and pelvic floor
therapy. Treatments are approximately 30 minutes, are gentle and pain-free and, unlike traditional surgery, patients can immediately resume their normal activities.

“We use these two revolutionary technologies for different reasons, depending on a woman’s individual situation,” Dr. Mirabile says. “Issues such as stress urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, laxity, external appearance – even sexual satisfaction – can be improved with these non-surgical treatments.”

On-site physician
Dr. Mirabile, a board-certified gynecologist, works in his practice every day among his medical team. Dr. Mirabile or one of the team’s gynecology nurse practitioners is involved in the initial screening of every vaginal rejuvenation patient and makes the final decision on which technology best suits the patient’s particular needs.

“Anyone undergoing treatment will have a pelvic exam to ensure there are no issues that might prevent the patient from pursuing ThermiVa® and Geneveve™,” Dr. Mirabile says. “We customize the approach that will work for each woman’s unique set of circumstances.”

“Depending on the patient’s chief complaint, we will recommend either a series of three ThermiVa® treatments or a single Geneveve™ treatment. In some cases, we may recommend a combined approach which includes rotating two ThermiVa® treatments with one Geneveve™ treatment,” Dr. Mirabile explains. “Maintenance treatments, starting at about a year post treatment, may be required.”

Results driven
Dr. Mirabile reports quantifiable results with ThermiVa®. The addition of Geneveve™ gives the doctor and his team another tool to fully address all areas of feminine wellness non-surgically.

“It’s gratifying to be able to help women with aesthetic concerns and medical conditions with these procedures,” he says. “Whether it’s sexual dysfunction, urinary leakage or aesthetic issues, we can help women get back to living life.”

For more information on vaginal rejuvenation, visit MirabileMD.com or call 913.888.7546 for
an appointment.

Restore Health and Confidence
Women are rediscovering their inner beauty with vaginal rejuvenation treatments like ThermiVa® and Geneveve™ offered at Mirabile M.D. Beauty, Health and Wellness. Whether for medical or aesthetic reasons or to improve sexual function, vaginal rejuvenation can be the answer for many women plagued by stress urinary incontinence or lack of sexual function.

“Since we introduced the advanced technology of ThermiVa® last year, many of our patients have found an answer to some of their most intimate concerns,” says Dr. Mirabile. “And now, with the addition of Geneveve™, we can help an even greater range of symptoms.”

James Mirabile, M.D.
for being named a Kansas City Super Doctor for the 10th consecutive year and for becoming a part of the Super Doctors Hall of Fame.

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