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Finding the Missing Link for Fitness, Health and Motivation

By Sarrisa Haley, Wellness Manager, The Athletic Club

Finding the Missing Link for FitnessIt has been said that there is nothing new under the sun. It seems like that is the case in so many ways! I recently came across a box of old magazines: Cosmopolitan, Women’s World, Better Homes and Gardens, etc. Amazingly, the styles of clothing, furniture, posing, and staging really haven’t changed much: Avocado, Mustard, and Burnt Orange have come back! Recipes changed the most dramatically. We are much more fresh focused now, noticeably more veggies and whole grains, fresh fruit – much less cheese, dairy, and meat.

One Thing Hasn’t Changed Over the Years
One thing that hasn’t changed AT ALL is our desire to find the missing link for fitness, health, and motivation. The 70’s, 80’s and 90’s till present day all have a common theme:
• Exercise is important (how much we need has changed a little overtime)
• Exercise can reverse and prevent horrible disease.
• Exercise is the best way to lose weight and look better.
• Disease is on the rise, obesity is becoming epidemic, heart disease kills, America is becoming a FAT Nation!
• There are nearly limitless ways to put together the typical 50 different weights, cardio, and stretching movements; they get repackaged,  remarketed under a different name, swung to be the newest and greatest way to lose weight, AND WE BUY INTO IT!

When You Try Something New, Your Body Will Respond
Here is where my young 35 years (in the Fitness industry corporately since I was 18 starting at the front desk at Gold’s Gym in Madison, WI) will tell you, “There is nothing new under the sun.” I am guilty of swinging styles as “NEW.” The truth is, whenever you change your routine – try something new – your body will respond, usually positively. I am fortunate to motivate easily.

I work in a gym so it is easier for me to go to the gym. I am in view of people expecting me to look a way, act a way, inspire and motivate – no pressure really… but it does drive me to be motivated.

Here is a “New” Concept I’d Like to Run By You All…
What about playing like you did when you were a kid – when most of us didn’t need to worry about what we ate, how much we weighed, or how many calories we gave to a machine. How about playing a game you haven’t played since you were at the family reunion or graduation party in 1992? Or since you were a spritely 15-25 years old. I’ll let you assign years to that time frame.

calories chart

Some of the Best Players in the State and Nation Play at The Athletic Club
The Athletic Club offers just such an opportunity. We have Badminton, Table Tennis (Ping Pong), Volleyball, Basketball, Racquetball, Squash, and Handball right here in our facility. Not only do we have these sports, we have some of the best players in the state and nation in those groups. We offer leagues, lessons, tournaments, challenge courts and open gym times.

Calories Expended Per Activity Check out the Calories expended in an hour of these fun activities!

Upcoming Events!
Upcoming events are as follows. Visit us online at for more info and to register for these events.
• Table Tennis: One Day Shootout May 4th.
• Racquetball League: Early April… 12 week league with numerous days, times, and skill levels available. Check as we get closer for date.
• Racquetball Clinic: With former Pro Lucy DelSarto, March 2nd, $20.00. All ages and abilities will receive fresh insight, training tips, and knowledge from this inspirational leader in the sport. Lucy is also available for Lessons,  Life Coaching, and Wellness Instruction.
• Volleyball League: March 6th… 8 week league on Wednesday evenings. Multiple skill levels available.

Play! Have Fun! Rediscover the Ease of Exercise and Health!
NOW is a great time to begin playing! Visit The Athletic Club to see all the ways to get connected! It’s not necessary to have a partner – the organizers of these groups are motivated to grow their collective sport and will introduce you to players in your skill level. Set times for play make it easy to plan your day. Coming soon: Leagues and Lessons! Register online at

Your Partner in Health
The Athletic Club can partner with you to help you get and stay healthy. We assist and encourage people of all ages with a healthy, active lifestyle. Be our guest for the day, bring a friend or loved one and come experience exercise in a fun and gratifying way. To learn more or for additional information on our class schedule, please call The Athletic Club at 913-669-1858 or visit us online at

Take a Tour, Get a T-shirt!

Visit The Athletic Club and receive a t-shirt, for a limited time and while supplies last.

Hurry in today!

Call ahead to schedule an appointment: 913-669-1858!

The Athletic Club
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