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Five Things You Aren’t Taught and Absolutely Need to Know About Your Body!

By Marcy Meyers, BioEnergetic Practitioner, Leawood Counseling Center –

Although you are not taught this in Western culture, you have an electromagnetic field that is a vital part of your human physiology. There are seven major vibrational frequencies that flow around your body. Every internal organ, as well as your bones and muscles, also have a specific frequency. Medical professions acknowledge that all living beings have an electromagnetic field upon which their physical body relies. This is why doctors use EEG’s and EKG’s to measure functions of the heart and brain. It is also the principle behind electric bone stimulation, which is used to facilitate recovery from injury.

Did you know chronic inflammation plays a key role in most illness?
Most people are aware of the signals their physical body provides. We know when our muscles become tense, our heart pounds, we feel pain, or our breathing becomes shallow and rapid. But we are not taught to become aware of the subtle shift in the vibrational frequencies that support our health. When something interferes with, or alters, these frequencies, we experience “dis-ease.” Physical trauma, bacteria and virus, emotional trauma, unconscious thoughts and beliefs, and fear can all alter the vibrational frequency of our body. Over time, if the vibrational imbalance is not corrected, inflammation and illness will develop. BioEnergetic therapy helps reduce inflammation and return the body to optimum vibrational frequencies.

Did you know that cancer cells vibrate at a very low frequency?
Raising the body’s vibration can help new cells regenerate at a frequency of health. Here are the words of a recent client, a lawyer, who underwent treatment for breast cancer: “Regarding my chemotherapy,  BioEnergetic therapy changed everything – like a miracle! The chemo treatments before I came to see you resulted in horrible stomach cramping, serious fatigue,  inability to eat,  and other symptoms. However,  after seeing you regularly I experienced almost no side effects.  The difference was nothing short of miraculous in my opinion. What I know is that I had a follow-up diagnostic mammogram last week and I am officially cancer free! How much of that can be attributed to opening the flow of energy in my body,  I cannot say. I believe it did contribute. Finally,  completely aside from the cancer issue,  the BioEnergetic treatments do a great deal to settle me down and help me feel centered. When my life has seemed disjointed and a bit frantic, the treatments have calmed me and helped give me a renewed sense of balance.”

Did you know healing of the physical body occurs much more rapidly when the subtle frequencies that surround our body are balanced and flowing freely?
BioEnergetic therapists can often find imbalances in the electromagnetic frequencies before they manifest in the physical body. All information you receive through your senses – what you see, touch, hear, feel, and taste – enters the body as an electromagnetic frequency which gets converted into an electric impulse. These electric impulses travel along nerve paths which carry information between the brain and the body. The nerve paths travel along muscles which contain a crystalline substance that helps amplify the electric current.

Did you know when muscles become tense, nerve impulses become impeded?
Nerves not only carry information to all parts of the body, they also feed all organs. Muscle tension can create pain, slow down communication within the body and enervate, or weaken, vital organs. All of this contributes to illness in the body. Too often, we respond to a nerve stimulus we are unsure of by holding our breath. As we hold our breath, we actually starve our core.

Without full breath, we cannot deliver enough oxygen to the lungs. Without enough oxygen, lungs cannot clean the blood sufficiently, and the heart cannot pump properly oxygenated blood back into the body. We can then become tired, anxious, depressed and ill – simply because we are not breathing deeply! BioEnergetic therapy reduces muscle tension and teaches deep breathing awareness, which helps increase circulation.

Did you know most muscle tension patterns and shallow breathing patterns develop unconsciously?
They are the body’s unconscious defensive responses to a perceived threat. BioEnergetic practitioners are trained to read muscle tension patterns, breathing patterns and patterns in the electromagnetic field. All of this information reveals where in your body you are unconsciously holding trauma and painful emotions that can manifest in illness. By bringing to the conscious mind blocked feelings and woundedness, along with the corresponding negative thought patterns and belief systems, BioEnergetic therapy helps retrain your body to respond in a way that supports health.

“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.” – Nobel Laureate of Medicine Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Marcy Meyers is a BioEnergetic practitioner at Leawood Counseling Center, a group of individual therapists who have come together to assist in facilitating healthy change in people’s lives. Marcy received her training at the Brennan School of Healing in Miami, where she learned CoreEnergetics and BreathWork body systems along with PathWorks psychospiritual analysis. She has also received advanced training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and central nervous system work. Marcy can be reached at 913-707-2180 or at

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