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Give Your Child the Gift of Success this Holiday Season

By Rachel Lewis

Success this Holiday SeasonThe holiday season is a time for families to come together and share not only love and warmth but also encourage and enjoy each other’s interests. Some of my favorite memories revolve around doing just that. I am a reader, but I attribute a lot of my love for books to my grandmother. Every year, she would gift me a new book. The books she gave me ranged from children’s stories to short non-fiction, but they would always be interesting and usually uplifting. The stories contained within the pages of those books would keep me entertained for days. Later on, I came to realize that the best part of her gift wasn’t the physical book (even though I still treasure and re-read some of them), but the ability to savor and discuss the stories inside them. She turned me into a reader as well as a thinker while growing both my reading and speaking skills. The books she gave to me truly were gifts that kept on giving and made me into a better person.

Invest in Your Teen Child or Grandchild
In keeping with that tradition, I love when grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents, and other family members write to us about purchasing a membership to Success Skills Weekly for the teen in their family. They are investing in their teen for the present and the future. They, like my grandmother, want to help their teens develop skills that will eventually make them better people in a fun and easy way. Success skills are important for every person, but a lot of skills are not being properly focused on in schools. Skills such as time management, goal setting, conflict management, leadership, and confidence building are pushed to the side to emphasize the curriculum. We want students to succeed not only in the classroom but also in whatever they choose to do after school. The skills contained in our weekly exercises will help them do just that.

Soar with Success!
I am honored to receive emails and phone calls about gifting memberships. I know that the tradition I remember happens in other families as well, and I am happy that new teens will get the skills they need to soar with success.

If you would like more information about a success skills program for your middle school, high school or college age student, please visit www.SuccessSkillsWeekly.com,  email Rachel directly at rachel@successskillsweekly.com or call 1-877-872-5019.

Rachel Lewis
Rachel Lewis graduated with honors from the University of Kansas in just three and a half years in December, 2010, and has already written a book andstarted her second business. She has been interviewed by the New York Times, USA Today, Fox Business and has been cited in an article in Forbes on successful businesses. She has worked with students from middle school through college helping with goal setting, confidence building, study skills, and getting ready for “the real world.” She launched Success Skills Weekly with her mother and brother to assist students with critical skills that are needed for success, but not being taught anywhere. Rachel is a member of the Junior League of Kansas City, and was selected as a Belle of the American Royal in 2011 and has been an active volunteer for the BOTAR and the American Royal organizations. She is also an Assistant Dance and Cheer Team Coach at her high school alma mater.

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