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Goals-Based Wealth Management. What Is It Really?

By Jake Falcon, CRPC®, CEO, Wealth Advisor

Goals-Based Wealth ManagementA Financial Plan:
Your Road Map to Success
Goals-Based Wealth Management starts with a financial plan. We call it your road map to success. Along the way, you will need a guide to help you navigate life’s twists and turns and handle the unexpected events. We are here to serve as that guide and help you on your journey. Our offering is transparent and free of corporate bureaucracy. Thus, you know you are receiving an educated, impartial opinion that has been constructed to help you fully maximize your financial goals.

An investment without a plan is speculation. Too often, individuals focus on the financial markets and the economy before their own financial goals. They think this is the proper approach, when in our opinion, they could not be more wrong. We sit down with every client and have an open discussion about not only their goals, but their fears and aspirations, too. We do this before we recommend investment solutions. Most importantly, we regularly review clients’ portfolios and strategies with them, adapting and
adjusting their plans as their lives change.

Crafting a blueprint for your future isn’t a one-time exercise; your financial plan is a living, breathing
document. Your goals might stay the same, or they may naturally evolve over time. Either way, the steps taken to help you achieve those goals should reflect where you are as much as where you want to be. We believe that this requires a hands-on approach.

Reassess and Re-Strategize
Our Falcon Wealth Advisors team reassesses and re-strategizes your financial plan at least twice a year to help ensure that you’re on an optimal path to achieve your goals. This may include:
• Clearly Defining Your Goals
• Retirement Planning
• Concentrated Stock Strategies
• Cash Flow Analysis
• Establishing a Target Rate of Return
• When to Collect Social Security
• Life Insurance Review
• Estate Planning Needs
• Health Care Planning
• Retirement Plan Distribution Options
• Summarizing Your Assets and Liabilities

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to financial planning. But by focusing on your individual needs, goals and dreams, we can help you create a guide to lasting success that works for you.

We work hard to obtain a clear understanding of our client’s goals before any type of investment advice is offered. Ultimately, we feel that helping our client’s reach their financial goals is the reason they have chosen us above the rest for years. More importantly, now that we are independent, we have many more resources available to us. We are no longer restricted to just one bank’s opinion or one bank’s offering.

Complimentary Wealth
Management Consultation
Be mindful that your goals are your top priority, followed by your investments. You will prepare yourself for a much more pleasant journey that way. To learn more or to schedule a complimentary wealth management consultation, please call Falcon Wealth Advisors at 913-326-1900 or visit us
online at

2000 Shawnee Mission Parkway, Suite 230
Mission Woods, KS 66205

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