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Home Health Care 101

It starts with a skilled health care need, a homebound patient, and physician orders.

By Village Home Health and Village Helpers In-Home Care

Home Health Care 101If you’ve had a stay in the hospital, are chronically ill, or need therapy services, your physician may order home health care for you. Today, many kinds of care that once required a hospital stay can often be delivered safely at home. Not all situations are eligible for home health care, but when it is available, home health helps you get better, regain your independence, and become as self-sufficient as possible.

Three Main Criteria for Home Health
There are three main criteria that must be met for home health care to be provided:
1. The care must be medically necessary.
2. The care must be ordered by and overseen by a physician.
3. Medicare requires a patient be “homebound” to receive home health services. This may be temporary, but must be in effect for the duration of the home care. To be homebound means that you have an inability to leave your home, or that it takes a considerable and taxing effort to leave home.

Choose the Agency You Want
As a home health patient, you have the freedom to choose your desired home health agency. Not sure where to start? Find out which agencies’ services are covered by your health insurance. Then check “Home Health Compare,” on the website. There you can compare agencies based on how well they care for their patients, how often they use “best practices” in their patient care, and how patients have rated the care they received during a recent home health care experience.

What You Can Expect from Village Home Health
If you select Village Home Health as your agency of choice, this is what you can expect:

Before Your First Visit
A Village Home Health representative will contact you 24-48 hours after receiving orders from your physician and will schedule your first visit.

Village Home Health nurses see patients in 10 counties around Kansas City, in both Missouri and Kansas.

Your First Visit
When your Village Home Health nurse arrives, he or she will begin by reviewing your Home Care Bill of Rights. It’s important for you to understand your rights as a patient. The nurse will assess your condition, your vital signs, pain level, medications, diet, and the safety of your home given your current health situation and you will discuss your health care goals and learn about your medications and when to take them.

All of this goes into creating a “care plan” that is unique to you and specific to your needs.

The number of additional visits will depend on your care plan, how well you follow that plan, and how quickly you recuperate.

“Home Health Care” vs “In-Home Care”
What is the difference between home health care and in-home care? Simply put, home health care is medical care, while in-home care is non-medical care.

In-home care can be a valuable addition to home health care. These caregivers can help with personal grooming and bathing, offer medication reminders, help prepare meals, take care of light household chores, provide companionship, take you to and from doctor appointments, shop for you and more. They also can be an extra set of eyes to help ensure you are recovering according to your care plan.

If you would like to learn more about Village Home Health and Village Helpers In-Home Care, visit our website at today. Call Village Home Health at 816-524-1133 (MO) or 913-403-8343 (KS) and Village Helpers In-Home Care at 816-524-2676.

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