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How Clinical Research is Leading the Way to Better Health

By Jody Ehrhardt, CCRC

How Clinical Research is Leading the Way to Better HealthTwenty years ago, cancer destroyed my reality when my father was diagnosed with lung cancer. Last month, the same diagnosis was given to another member of my family. My first thoughts were panicky, my second thoughts – thank
goodness for medical advances.

New Drugs Approved for Cancer
and Other Rare Diseases
In the last 20 years, medical research has led to numerous advances, but 2014 saw the greatest successes to date. In 2014, 44 new drugs were approved providing significant benefit for many Americans. In fact, 41% of those approvals were for rare diseases, which is especially important since many rare disease sufferers often lack options with so few drugs available and approved for treatment. For me, personally, the fact that 8 new approvals were for cancer is a reason to celebrate and maintain hope.

Impressive Advancements
in Treatment Technologies
So why was 2014 such an amazing year for new treatments? The answer is varied. First, technology research is at an all time high leading to impressive advancements in technologies such as gene editing and synthetic biology. Second, The 21st Century Cures Act (HR6) is helping speed up the drug approval process. This act is helping, among other things, to remove barriers in order to increase research collaboration, incorporate patient perspective in drug development, and modernize clinical trials.

A Bigger Interest
in More Clinical Trials
And finally, both physicians and patients are taking a bigger interest in “real world” trials leading to more trials taking place in regular physician practices and more patients agreeing to take part.

Experience Our Commitment
to Research
We are dedicated to making research studies a success for our sponsors, volunteers, and physicians because we believe that clinical research trials are the building blocks of medicine. Whether you are seeking new treatment for an illness, want to help advance treatment for a loved one affected by disease, or are just curious about clinical research, please start a dialogue with your physician and call Ehrhardt Clinical Research to learn more, 816-318-8488.

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Volunteers Help Yourself and Others
•    Get free medical care and possibly medication for your condition
•    Some trials may compensate for your time
•    Have a chance for access to new treatments
•    Help others by participating in research to advance medicine
•    Our caring, knowledgeable, patient-focused staff is always available by phone
•    Our studies are conducted in a convenient, comfortable facility in Belton.

Physicians Expand Your Opportunities
•    Offer the latest treatments to your patients
•    Earn supplementary income
•    Sponsors reimburse directly – no insurance claims!
•    Advance your career with research experience
•    Expand your market into new health care delivery areas
•    Let ECR handle all the administration, freeing you up to focus on practicing medicine.

Current Trials for
COPD, Crohn’s Disease
and Ulcerative Colitis
Contact Ehrhardt Clinical Research

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