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Humor and Cancer

Dear Humor Coach,

Q. I was just diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I am nervous and scared. It is difficult to imagine, but how is humor even possible? – Cindi

A. Cindi, I completely understand. It’s not funny that you have cancer. Humor and laughter are used as a way to navigate through the nervousness and fear. Here is an example of how one of my clients used humor to help her through a difficult time.

“I must share the importance of humor while going through Breast Cancer. I did lose my hair. When I went back to teaching, my third graders were shocked to see me bald. Since I did not wear a hat, I decided to have a little fun. During our spelling lesson, I told my students if they spelled the word correctly, they could come up and draw a flower on my head. They had so much fun
drawing creative colorful flowers, we actually ran out of space. I know it helped them deal with my bald head by laughing and having fun with it. The truth is, it helped me more than they would ever know.”

When we find humor in our emotions, we stop our feelings from going out of control. In this case, Cindi removed any feelings of embarrassment by choosing to have fun with her bald head. Making that choice was her road to humor. When we make the conscience choice to have fun, we drive our emotions to a better place, not letting our feelings crash out of control.

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David Naster

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