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Hydrating: Your Secret Weapon

By Lucy DelSarto, Wellness Educator and Coach, TCOY (Take Care of You) Wellness –

Your Secret WeaponSummer is in full swing and things are heating up with temperatures in the 90 degrees. There are many wonderful things this season brings, including: vacations, barbeques, lazy days at the pool or lake, and food from vegetable gardens to feast upon.

Symptoms of Dehydration
It’s important not to overlook the importance of H2O, especially during these warmer months when our body may be screaming to be hydrated. A few signs or symptoms of dehydration may include: constipation, brain fog, fatigue, puffiness, dry lips, dark yellow/brown urine with low output, and increased pain in joints and muscles. Do I have your attention yet?
People often misread the body’s thirst mechanism. Dehydration impacts your mental and physical abilities. Stop and think about it. We push our body to the limit with inadequate hydration, sleep and poor nutrition then wonder why we are tired or sick and unable to think or perform at optimal levels.

Common Reactions to Dehydration
The three most common reactions to dehydration are: 1) Ignore it; 2) Feed it (thinking it is a sign of hunger); or 3) Medicate the symptoms. I strongly recommend creating a new habit of reaching for water as often as you can throughout the day and not waiting for the “signs or symptoms” to occur.

People frequently tell me they don’t like to drink water because they don’t like the taste or they may not drink anything because they don’t want the inconvenience of having to stop what they are doing to go to the restroom. My simple, and somewhat humorous, reply to that is, “the three little pigs went wee, wee, wee all the way home! Your body has basic needs and functions that require water. If you don’t drink water, eventually, you will suffer health consequences.”

Just to clarify, I’m specifically talking about water. Your mind and body may have become accustom and addicted to coffees, sodas and juices but the body requires water. We do not come out of the womb with an addiction to caffeine and sugar; these are habits we develop over time from the choices we make and we can change them. Increase your daily water intake for the health of it! It’s important to realize coffee, alcohol and sugary drinks actually contribute to dehydration.

In his book, “Your Body’s Many Cries For Water”, Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. provides extensive clinical and scientific research on the remarkable health impact of properly hydrating the body. The human body has a variety of sophisticated indicators when it runs short of water; these are emergency warning signs. If you are experiencing brain fog, headaches or migraines, consider the simple fact that your body is dehydrated and trying to get your attention. The human body is composed of 75 percent of water. Brain tissue is said to consist of 85 percent water.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Observe a plant before and after watering. Last summer, after five days of intense heat and no watering, my basil plants provided a perfect visual of dehydration. I was amazed after a couple days of watering, they became healthy plants again. Relate these benefits to your body and brain!

The pH Equation and Health:
Acidic or Alkaline
An acidic body is a magnet for sickness, disease, cancer and aging. Water keeps your body well hydrated and is a beverage that also keeps your pH levels in balance. Personally, I drink and highly recommend Kangen alkaline water. In addition to a multitude of benefits from drinking the alkaline water, various pH levels are used for cleaning (no more toxic cleaners). This unit has been certified as a medical device. Contact me if you would like more information.

Three Quick Water Tips:
1. Drink 8 oz of water when you first get out of bed.
2. Drink 8 oz of water within an hour of going to bed.
3. Keep a glass of water or container at your desk and refill throughout the day.

TCOY Challenge:
Random Act of Kindness
Put a few bottles of water and a bag of oranges in your car and hand them out to people in need (a homeless person). Like a drop of water in a pond, the rippling effect will impact a lot of people. Be inspired by Plumb’s new song,”One Drop.”

Wellness Coaching
Available for individual coaching, Lunch n Learns and an interactive Company Wellness Program. Let’s do wellness together…Your HEALTH is my Business. Coach Lucy (913-709-6059)

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