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If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes. Make 2016 the Year of Change!

By Lucy DelSarto, Wellness Educator & Coach –

Lessons Learned From Children Having a child-like mentality can do a lot for your well-being. Children are always active and living in the moment. Life is right here, right now for them. Children don’t linger in the past, and the future is too far away and uncertain, so they don’t bother fretting about the unknown. Adults can definitely learn from such light-heartedness. When you embrace life with enthusiasm, energy and joy, it opens you to a world of endless possibilities.

Adults often hold onto negative memories and worry about the future, wasting a lot of energy and, sadly, many give up on their goals or dreams. Emotions, whether expressed or suppressed, can bring about mental and physical symptoms that impact your health. Let go of what you can’t change and continue to learn while participating in new activities. Unlike organs, the brain doesn’t wear out with use, it improves.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” C. S. Lewis

Adopt a Spirit of Play
Children love to play and have fun. Adults like to play and have fun too; yet, they often let the demands of everyday life replace or reduce leisure time. Turning your focus from play and fun has a huge impact on emotional, physical and mental well-being. The mind and body need recreational activities and laughter each day. Visualize a toddler or preschooler on the playground; their energy level is positive and engaging. What could change if you adopted a spirit of play into your life again?

Racquetball is Fun, Healthy Exercise
In my racquetball clinics, which are co-ed or women only, players range in age from the 20s into the middle 60s. I even have an 82 year old gentleman who takes lessons. The sport of racquetball is a fun workout and can be as social or competitive as a player desires. I recently conducted a short on-line survey, asking my clinic participants to share why they got involved and continue playing racquetball. The results: 87% fun; 87% exercise; 50% competition; 37% sustainable fitness; 37% stress release; 37% weight loss and 25% social. When asked if they would recommend the clinic the response was 100% YES! As expected, the survey verified people will continue a workout if it is fun and they feel part of a team. If you want to remain active with a workout, it’s vital you have some fun while doing it.

I utilize racquetball for personal training. One of the participants commented, “Racquetball engages my mind as well as my body so time flies.” Another added, “I am having so much fun, I’m telling everyone. The only regret I have is that it took me 36 years to pick up a racquet and start playing.”

Focused on Your Total Well-Being
As a wellness coach, my focus is total well-being. Being active is a crucial part of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Whether it be walking, running, court sports, yoga, or any other physical activity, it is absolutely fundamental to your well-being to do something – for the Health of it!

Stephen Jebson is seventy-two years old and a friend who shares my passion for keeping the brain and body active with fun activities that improve and promote good health. Be inspired by his zest for life and learn about his simple balance and coordination activities on his website:

Consequences of Neglecting Your Health
Wellness is easy to do, but it’s also easy not to do. I encourage you to make the time to TCOY (take care of you); otherwise, your body will eventually get your attention with symptoms of disease. If you think you don’t have time or can’t afford to pursue wellness, stop and consider how you can afford the emotional, physical and financial consequences of neglecting your health.

My Gift to You – Contact me in January, mention this article, and receive a complimentary phone consultation (value $79). If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?

ACTION REQUIRED: A Guide to Living Well
In 1988, Robert Fulghum wrote a book of essays around his poem, “All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten.” A sixteen-line poem provides wisdom in the simplest actions of a kindergartener, from the classroom lessons perspective. I have written my own version called, “All I Really Need To Know I Learned On The Court,” which is the outline for my soon-to-be-released, book; ACTION REQUIRED – A Guide to Living Well.


1-hour class for 5-weeks Only $80! (A $200 value)

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Lucy Kupish DelSarto, WEC
Lucy founded TCOY (Take Care of You) Wellness in 1999. She is a former Professional Athlete ranked in the “Top 16” in the world on the Women’s Pro Racquetball Tour with 30+ years of coaching, including four years at Stanford University. Lucy remains active in racquetball mentoring and competing in the top men’s divisions and has held the Kansas Women’s Open Singles Title since 1999.

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