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Inspiring Performance and a Healthier Lifestyle

The Wellness Coach with Heart and Passion!

– By Lucy DelSarto, Wellness Coach –

healthy lifestyleLife is like a game. We have all played games and know they have a beginning and an end with a varied amount of time and action in between. The same holds true with life. Games provide mental and/or physical challenges. The consequences of neglecting proper health is not quite as simple as losing at a board game.

With proper coaching, realistic goals can be established helping individuals cover their bases while dealing with life’s challenges which tend to get them off track. The competitor who has trained mentally and physically, maximizing skills, techniques, brains, and experience is usually the one who takes home the prize.

Mastering How To Be Healthy and Stay Healthy
As a professional athlete, having ranked among the top 16 in the world on the Women’s Pro Tour, I have over three decades of coaching experience and have mastered how to “be” healthy and “stay” healthy.

The speed bumps in everyday life can leave people feeling overwhelmed and full of anxiety. This is one of the reasons I established TCOY Wellness. My coaching is about creating the champion wellness mindset; thereby, giving you confidence to make choices that enhance your quality of life today and in the future.

People seek coaches and consultants in sports, finances, and relationships because experience is a great teacher. Wellness is no different. The object is to seek out someone with experience, who embraces the lifestyle, and empowers others. I am that type of person, both on and off the court.

TCOY = Take Care of You!
The TCOY philosophy is a way of life. The players learn the basics of the game and apply this knowledge and experience, taking it one step at a time, while making necessary adjustments to their performance along the way in order to achieve their wellness goal. It is important to let go of “perfect” and replace it with possible and sustainable. TCOY is about you living your life with joy and vitality, getting help, pushing through the challenges and then getting back up again after being knocked down. TCOY is a training ground for winners!

Achieving and Maintaining Wellness
One of my favorite analogies is similar to that of completing a puzzle. Have you ever attempted to put a puzzle together without being able to look at the picture on the box? It is extremely difficult and many people may become frustrated and quit without a guide to help them. Achieving wellness can be similar to connecting pieces of a puzzle, in that all of the pieces to good health need to be correctly interlocked in order to achieve and maintain wellness.

As a wellness coach, I help members of my team apply the necessary framework for a healthier lifestyle. I simplify the rules and cut down on the learning curve, all the while using my knowledge of nutrition, exercise, stress reducers, motivational techniques, and humor to inspire performance and a healthier lifestyle for my clients.

I understand real life and how to make wellness sustainable, simple and fun. I believe in working from where you are, while at the same time gaining a visual of where you want to be not only a year from now, but ten years from now. My training allows individuals to develop and enhance their skills and get into the game. The game of life has definite time limits. If an individual doesn’t make time for good health and wellness, he or she will probably not do well as the game winds down to the final minutes.

Training to Develop Good Habits
We know bad habits are not easy to break, but in order to change them you must first change your mind set. Once you begin to develop a positive attitude about your health, the ball is in your court! TCOY Wellness provides the training you need to begin developing good healthy habits today.

Dr. Michael Flanery, of Flanery Chiropractic, Overland Park, shares, “Lucy has an amazing passion to help educate people who want to improve their lifestyle and habits in order to live a healthier life.”

Your GPS for Health and Wellness
At TCOY Wellness, we offer personal or group coaching, weekly corporate wellness programs, Lunch-n-Learns, and Keynote Speaking engagements. TCOY Wellness is your GPS for Health and Wellness.

You Control Your Destiny!
With all the discussion and concern over health care reform, the fact is: Health insurance does not provide health. You control your destiny!

Although you can’t change into a super athlete overnight, you can take steps to become a real winner in the game of life by changing your direction. Get in the game…give TCOY a try!

Take Care of You, for the health of it! To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please call 913-709-6059 or visit us online at

Lucy Kupish DelSarto, WEC
Stanford University. Lucy remains active in racquetball mentoring and competing in the top men’s divisions and has held the KS Women’s Open Singles Title since 1999.

Lucy provides personal / group coaching, Corporate Wellness Programs and Lunch-n-Learns. She is a Key Note Speaker, Blogger, writer, special guest on various radio shows and podcasts. Her TCOY Wellness book, “How To Create The Champion Wellness Mindset…for the Health of it!” will be available soon.

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