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Kansas City Rescue Mission

Freedom from the Past and Hope for the Future

A Message from Executive Director, Joe Colaizzi

Kansas City Rescue MissionEach year, more than 1,400 men seek services at Kansas City Rescue Mission’s Men’s Center. Often we find that once a man has received basic care such as food and shelter, he will consider making more transformative choices such as joining Kansas City Rescue Mission’s recovery community — a program that offers freedom from the past and hope for the future!

Food, Sleep and Love
We have learned, there is nothing more meaningful to the homeless than food, sleep and love.
At Kansas City Rescue Mission (KCRM), we offer an atmosphere of home, at both our Women’s Center and Men’s Center. Home is delicious food, made with care and skill. Home is peaceful sleep, a comfortable bed behind safe walls, on the warm side of the window. And mostly, home is love — the kind of love that accepts you just the way you are but offers freedom from the past and hope for
the future.

Our Relief Services
Emergency shelter and showers, Balanced daily meals, Healthcare and recuperative care, Clean clothing and laundry service, Chaplaincy, Bible study and support groups, Case management and referrals.

Our Recovery Services
Christian Community of Recovery (C-COR) is a six-month residential recovery program offering Bible-based life skills classes, GED preparation, adult high school, and addiction recovery through one-on-one counseling, support groups and Bible study. Residents meet with their counselors weekly to complete a list of agreed-upon objectives and requirements before graduation.

Our Reentry Services
Graduates of C-COR may enter KCRM’s Transitional Living Program and stay for up to two years while completing schooling, seeking jobs, building careers and saving toward permanent housing. Residents continue to meet with their counselors, have access to onsite adult education, are active in their churches and abide by C-COR rules as residents in this program.

Our Women’s Center
Each year, the Hotline for the Homeless records thousands of calls from single, homeless women; yet only around 75 beds are available in Kansas City. In response, KCRM has opened the KCRM Women’s Center, a 20-bed facility specifically designed and staffed to minister to single, homeless women, providing a safe, homelike environment where traumatized women can find hope, peace and security as they work to overcome life-challenging barriers to stability and success. Most of the Women’s Center’s residents were sexually abused as children and have coped with their pain through drugs, alcohol, gambling, hoarding and other addictions. Many have spent time behind bars, prostituted for money, food or shelter, and have suffered continued physical and sexual abuse as adults. Ongoing addiction recovery with support, a sustainable mental health treatment plan, a reliable stream of income, a productive lifestyle through volunteerism or a paying job, a support network that includes a doctor or clinic, and appropriate housing.

YOU are Changing Lives!
As we start off a New Year, know that all of us at KCRM are so grateful to you for helping us provide food, sleep and love through your generosity. YOU are changing lives! The truth is, we can’t do this without your help, so please consider making a gift today.  To give online, go to to securely make your gift. Donations of the Immediate Needs listed can be dropped off at KCRM’s Main Office, 1520 Cherry Street, Kansas City, MO, where we can assist you with your donation and provide you with a receipt.

For more information, contact Julie Larocco at (816) 421-7643, ext 141, or email her at

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Immediate Needs Items
Hundreds of people in need turn to KCRM each week, and keeping up with even the everyday supplies can be a challenge. Here are some of our more pressing needs.

KCRM Food Needs*
Turkeys, ham, honey, milk, skinless/boneless chicken, cans of vegetables, food handling gloves (*please do not donate spoiled or expired food).

KCRM Medical Needs
Robitussin DM, Robitussin CF, Tylenol Cold and Flu, DayQuil in pill form, NyQuil in pill form, Clorox wipes, Personal Kleenex, Ibuprofen, Cough Drops.

Women’s Center Clothing
Winter pajamas, all sizes up to 4X; Bras, 34C-40DD (new, please).

Men’s Center Clothing  
Jeans, all sizes; Underwear, all sizes; undershirts,
all sizes (new or gently used only, please).

Housekeeping Supplies
Hand sanitizer, refill bottles, Lysol wipes, Disinfectant spray, Bleach, Pinesol, Glass cleaner, Toilet bowl cleaner, Boxed rags, XL exam gloves.

Items We CANNOT Use
Old, outdated electronic equipment (please call the Mission before donating any computer-related item), Televisions, Beds, Mattresses, Bed frames, Sofa sleepers, Stoves, Refrigerators, Dish washers, Clothes washers and dryers, Used underwear, Used socks, Children’s items (clothing, toys, etc.), Spoiled or expired food.

Kansas City Rescue Mission
1520 Cherry Street
Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 421-7643

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