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Know the Difference in Inpatient Rehabilitation for Better Recovery

Know the Difference in Inpatient Rehabilitation for Better RecoveryYou never know when you may be faced with the challenging task of being a caregiver for someone you love. Stroke, brain injury, hip fracture, Parkinson’s disease and many other conditions may require the need for inpatient rehabilitation. Knowing the difference between an inpatient rehabilitation hospital like MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital and a skilled nursing facility–or nursing home–can help you as a caregiver to make an informed decision in choosing the best rehabilitation program for your loved one. Making the right choice gives your loved one a greater chance of reclaiming independence for a higher quality of life and a return into the community.

Important Questions To Ask
When comparing rehabilitation choices, it’s important to ask questions and compare notes from place to place. Questions like, how often is the patient seen by a physician? Do the nurses specialize in rehabilitative care? How advanced are the technologies that will be used? How much therapy will my loved one receive? Are rehabilitation teams experienced and experts in their field? By gaining this knowledge, you gain a clearer view of the benefits one place offers over another, boosting patient recovery to optimum levels.

Key Differences in Locations
for Treatment
When you conduct your own research, you will know the difference before you choose a place for your loved one to rehabilitate. The following areas are important ones to pay close attention to, as they represent key differences in many locations for treatment.

Advanced technologies  
New technologies and treatments such as those available at MidAmerica consistently offer patients greater options for successful rehabilitation and recovery. Yet, many skilled living facilities do not offer rehabilitation patients these innovative advancements with intensive goals, limiting the patients’ progress and successful return to independence.

Daily physician visits  
Patients are evaluated by a physician* frequently at MidAmerica–not once a month like in some skilled nursing facilities. MidAmerica physicians even oversee your loved one’s rehabilitation team, leading meetings once a week to discuss the patient’s progress in reaching his or her of goals of independence.

24/7 rehabilitation RNs
MidAmerica patients have around-the-clock care from registered nurses that specialize in rehabilitative care. Skilled nursing facilities do not.

Three hours of therapy a day
five days a week
Unlike skilled nursing facilities, MidAmerica requires that patients receive at least three hours of therapy five days a week. MidAmerica patients have their personalized therapies spread out throughout the day, working in the therapy gym, dining room and patient room to improve appropriate skills including walking, swallowing, eating, cooking, grooming and dressing.

Weekly team conferences
Each patient’s physician, therapists, case manager and family meet to consult on progress made by the patient on a weekly basis, as opposed to every three months in the typical skilled nursing facility.

A higher level of care in rehabilitation can make a proven difference for patient outcomes. For more information or to arrange for a free home evaluation, call MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital at 913 491-2400.

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