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Leaders In Minimally Invasive Surgery

“They have always been very considerate and attentive to my needs as well as treating me like a person, not just a patient to run through the numbers.” Doug, Advanced Surgical Associates Patient

Leaders In Minimally Invasive SurgeryThe doctors at Advanced Surgical Associates (ASA) pride themselves in caring for their patients and for staying on the leading edge when it comes to performing surgery. From an elective gallbladder procedure to more technologically advanced robotic procedures to sensitive and complicated cancer surgery, doctors Christopher Daggett, D.O., Adam Kramer, D.O and Christie Brock, D.O. are leaders in their field. All surgeons are Board Certified in General Surgery.

A Unified Team Effort Offers
the Best Outcome for Patients
Coordination of care for patients encompasses many types of surgeries. A few examples are complete breast care, colon cancer, skin cancer, hernia repair, gallbladder removal and appendicitis. The ASA surgeons and staff work hard to provide patients and their families with support and reassurance through what can be a difficult and stressful process.

Both Dr. Brock and Dr. Kramer are trained in specialized surgical treatment of multiple breast conditions. They work closely with many other Specialty physicians to create individualized patient treatment plans for Breast Cancer and other breast anomalies. These specialists may include Oncologists, Endocrinologists and Plastic Reconstructive Surgeons. Coordination of medical care and a unified team effort provide the best possible outcome for the patient. Both surgeons are members of the American Society of Breast Surgeons.

Newer/Smaller  Instruments Mean  Less  Scarring and  Minimal  Pain
“Recently there’s been a technological advance in micro-laparoscopic surgery in which the instrumentation size has diminished by 50%,” states Dr. Daggett. “The sleeker design allows us to provide procedures with diminished scar tissue and less pain than from traditional laparoscopic surgery. I have performed 1,000’s of gallbladder surgeries. This new design represents a great advancement in patient satisfaction by decreasing scarring and discomfort after the surgery.”

Robotic Surgery
The progression of laparoscopic surgery is also becoming more sophisticated with the introduction of Robotic Assisted technology. “This technology allows us to perform a wide range of surgical procedures with more precision,” says Dr. Kramer. “The robotic tool enhances our ability to perform complex operations while minimizing adverse effects.”  In addition, “The robot lets me extend my range of motion and reach, allowing me to operate deep within the body with unparalleled accuracy.” For those meeting surgical criteria, this technology also diminishes incision size, scarring and pain for patients.

• Hernia Repair
• Laparoscopic Surgeries – Minimally Invasive
• Cholecystectomy (Gallbladder)
• Micro-laparoscopic Cholecystectomy – by Dr. Daggett
• Colon (Resection/Colostomy)
• Appendectomy
• Small bowel resection
• SILS™ Appendectomy & SILS™ Gallbladder
• Breast
• Axillary Lymph Node Dissection
• Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy/Excision
• MammoSite®
• Robotic Assisted Surgery –  by Dr. Kramer & Dr. Brock
• Gallbladder
• Hemorrhoids
• Skin lesions and lipoma

About Advanced Surgical Associates
ASA is located at 3460 Ralph Powell Road in Lee’s Summit, MO. The team has been providing general surgery procedures since 1983 and has extensive experience and training in minimally invasive surgery. The surgeons are on staff at multiple hospitals and surgery centers in Eastern Jackson and Cass Counties. For more information, please call us at (816) 246-0800 or visit our website

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