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Living with Discipline

By Grant Bradshaw, NASM, CPT, CES

Grant Bradshaw, Pro Trainer, Teams Up with Son, Connor To Live a Disciplined Life of Fitness & Nutrition

Living with DisciplineLiving a healthy lifestyle starts with parents leading the way and setting good fitness examples for their kids. It’s crucial for parents to practice what they preach if they want their kids to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Kids, especially when they’re young, won’t think twice about going for a walk or jog at night instead of watching TV if that’s what their parents do. Getting out and getting active yourself is one of the most important first steps to incorporating fitness into a child’s lifestyle.

The Definition of Discipline
Discipline: the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior. Synonyms for discipline include: control, training, teaching, instruction, regulation, direction, order, authority, strictness. Discipline starts with us. We as parents/future parents need to discipline ourselves to have a daily workout and eating regimen that improves our body’s overall health. This, in turn, will show our kids the way to overall health and living with discipline.

Teaching a Life of Discipline
2014 was my busiest year yet. I was able to produce great results from my trainees. Everyone worked really hard and we all improved, but, for most, this last year came down to teaching a life of discipline. Many of us did not grow up having any form of discipline training. Committing to and coming to the gym every day is the beginning of healthy discipline.

The human body physically can be altered greatly and shaped the way you want it. Truly, anyone can have a great physique. The real problem, I believe, is that our minds are not in shape for the work ahead. As a trainer, I spend much of my time working on the mind. Mind Shape involves the Mental, Emotional, and the Physical.

The challenge for many is that we have not given ourselves any strictness for years. I notice that many of us with kiddos can get into a lazy, sort of go with the flow self…a self without any strictness. If we do not take care of and respect ourselves, then our kids will suffer. They too will have a lack of energy, lack of focus for school, work, sports, etc. We need to be better at creating discipline in ourselves. Make the decision to exercise and eat better.

After Church, the next best thing to use for obedience is the gym. As kids, we were all taught to learn in school. As adults, the gym is our continuing education for health and fitness. Make the decision to go! If you cannot do this on your own, hire a personal trainer, even short term, to get you started. We are trained to motivate and encourage people to succeed in health and fitness. Don’t waste another day wishing you were like your friend who is in great shape. You can get in great shape too! This, in turn, will inspire your kids to follow in your footsteps.

Kids Can Love To Work Out
My son, Connor, is 10 years old. He loves to work out. He is as comfortable and familiar with the gym as many of my older clients. As an athlete, we work on a variety of exercises targeted to help him hit and run with more power and speed. Currently, I am training his entire baseball team, teaching them about the importance of fitness, not only physically, but mentally. Kids who work out eventually get stronger physically, but the improved self-esteem they gain mentally is just as powerful.

Good friends of mine, Matt and Kira, are runners. Matt also focuses on bodybuilding with me now. They have two kids, Henry and Leland, who are very active and fit. They wake up and see Mom and Dad eating clean, and they eat clean too, starting the day off right with a healthy breakfast. Actions speak louder than words. Their oldest son, Henry, has run in 10 5k events and placed high, top two and three in his age group, age 10-15. This is amazing as Henry is only 10 years old! He sees his parents being active, regimented and disciplined…and this leads to them doing the same. What 10 year olds go out and run 5ks? Not too many! Way to go, Henry!!!

My extended family, like cousins, Clifford Poindexter is an athletic nut. He grew up playing competitive baseball and now coaches at a high level. He and his wife, Carrie, constantly work out with their kids, Carter, Sloan and Brooklyn, helping them stay very active. The result? The kids do cheerleading, play baseball, and perform acrobats in the living room  every time I am over there! They are very active, competitive and healthy due to their parents leading the way! Again, kids are trained by our actions.

Fitness for Kids Helps Them Physically and Mentally
When kids get fit, it does crazy things to them emotionally. Strong, healthy kids physically are strong, healthy kids mentally. Kids can suffer from emotional weakness due to not fitting in, not feeling good enough. Many kids deal with this. How do we give them the strength they need to get past emotional health issues? The answer is, the gym!! Teaching them to exercise and work out builds so much self-confidence. I had some self-esteem issues as a child. I was a skinny kid in school which I felt hurt me in so many ways. Emotionally, I thought I was never going to be good at anything. Through hard work and fitness training, that all changed.

Connor, at age 10, is on track to take his training and nutrition to the next step. Participating in sports, working out with your own weight resistance, running in 5k’s – these are all positive, healthy things for kids to do. Working out and being fit best prepares kids for their teen and college years. There is a proper way to train kids and I can show them the best, most healthy way to do that. For kids, their own weight resistance and controlled movements are best, with a special emphasis on proper technique and safety.

Teaching Your Kids Discipline
Work out. Stay nutritionally sound. Yes, we will all cheat at times, especially during Christmas and the holidays , but it comes down to what is your discipline the other 90% of the year. Teaching your kids discipline is an act of love, showing them a positive way to live. And it all starts with you. I feel so much better teaching Connor to work hard, because I do. How am I going to ask my kid not to eat bad if I don’t eat well? How am I going to ask my kid to outdo himself in the gym and on the field if I too don’t take part in giving my body the best nutrition or exercise to perform?

Fighting Against Childhood Obesity
Childhood obesity and kids not being disciplined on anything other than games on TV is a huge problem, and it’s growing. Get a good Personal Trainer to help you with a strict work out and good nutrition!  If you can’t do it on your own, I can help get you on track with your fitness and nutrition, which will in turn get your kids on track. If you feel you are not ready to commit to this way of life, let me help your kids then. I can teach them the way to a healthy life through proper fitness and nutrition. Don’t put their success on hold if you are not ready. Once you see them excel, mentally and physically, you will want to join in too!

Challenging Clients to be a Higher Version of Themselves
I am Grant Bradshaw III. I am a Personal Trainer. I constantly push and challenge my clients to become a higher version of themselves. I train 10 to 100 year olds. You will get stronger in the gym. You will be more confident in the gym. This, in turn, will lead your kids to see that discipline creates a more confident self so they will want to work out and eat right when they get older.

I love my kids so much and those who follow me on facebook at grantbradshaw III know this. I will always work with Connor and my other kids to prepare them for life and the people and things that will challenge them. I teach them by showing them. I can teach you too how to structure your day and help rub off on your kids in a healthy, positive, disciplined way. Daily workouts are best for this and taking on a personal trainer that knows how to lay down a great rule is the fastest approach to gaining control. Kids are the main ones who benefit from us being disciplined.

Find Your Most Improved Self
I have a heart to help people find their most improved self. I would love to help you get started on your journey to health and fitness. Let’s get you in the best shape of your life! Come on, we can do this…TOGETHER! Call 816-506-7451 to learn more, or visit www. GrantBradshaw.com.

Cover and article photos by Kenny Johnson, www.KennyJohnsonPhotography.com

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