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Local Kansas City Residents Get Relief from Peripheral Neuropathy Pain

Near Infrared Therapy is a highly effective treatment that’s drug-free, safe, and painless

Local Kansas City Residents Get Relief from Peripheral Neuropathy PainAre you one of the 20 million people suffering from peripheral neuropathy? Neuropathy means “nerve disease or damage.” Symptoms include burning, tingling, sensitivity or numbness in the feet or hands. Peripheral neuropathy is a progressive condition which impacts quality of life, causing pain, sleep disruption, or trouble walking. Maintaining a happy, active lifestyle can become a chore.

What Causes Peripheral Neuropathy?
Diabetes and chemotherapy are the most common causes. Diseases (hypothyroidism, autoimmune), physical injury (trauma, injury or surgery), idiopathic (no known cause), infections, shingles, vitamin deficiencies, exposure to harsh chemicals, cholesterol statins and more can cause neuropathy. This is a progressive, debilitating condition that worsens over time.

“Up to 70% of diabetics
and 40% of chemo patients
will develop peripheral neuropathy.”

Treatment Options:
While there is no cure for peripheral neuropathy, symptoms can be relieved.
Medication is commonly prescribed, but only masks the symptoms and may cause harsh side effects. Examples include nerve pain medication (Lyrica, Gabapentin), narcotics (Oxycodone), antidepressants, and anti-seizure medications.
Alternative treatments include anesthetic (Lidocaine), creams (Capsaicin), and holistic treatments such as acupuncture or supplements.
Surgery may improve symptoms temporarily.
Near Infrared Therapy (NIR) is a lesser known, but highly effective treatment that’s drug-free, safe, and painless. NIR therapy uses cutting-edge, scientific technology to provide relief without harmful side effects.

Relief for Symptoms:
A Light at The End of The Tunnel
At Lumen Care Center for Peripheral Neuropathy, we provide real relief from nerve pain and numbness using NIR Therapy. We successfully treat patients who have been told, “we can’t help you” by their doctors or treatment providers. Depressed and discouraged, they turn to us for relief.

Most NIR Therapy patients achieve significant improvement in their symptoms, describing their improvement as “tremendous,” “life-changing,” and “outstanding.” Why are these treatments effective? Because at Lumen Care Center, we specialize in treating peripheral neuropathy. Our professional, caring medical center is led by Dr. Kipp Van Camp, a respected doctor, interventional radiologist, and medical researcher.

How It Works
Our comprehensive treatment program is drug-free, painless, and safe, and incorporates Near Infrared Therapy (NIR) as part of a proven treatment protocol using a leading FDA-cleared device. Pulsed wavelengths of red and infrared light increase nitric oxide, which improves circulation, reducing nerve pain and inflammation. Light therapy has been used by the medical profession for over 20 years, and is based on the work of prominent Nobel Prize researchers.

What Our Patients Say About Their Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment
“I was getting old fast, and now I’m not. This has improved the quality of my life tremendously!”
-Beth, Kansas City Metro Area
“The pain was so intense. It became life altering because I could no longer get a good night’s sleep. I’d recommend this treatment very highly to anyone with neuropathy.”                                                                 -Ronald, Topeka

Take the Next Step to Relieve
Your Peripheral Neuropathy Pain
Do you want to improve your peripheral neuropathy symptoms? Have you been told in the past you can’t be helped? Do you want to resume a more active lifestyle? Do you want a drug-free, safe, painless treatment option?

Our experienced medical team develops customized, comprehensive, drug-free treatment programs using a combination of Near Infrared Therapy and neurological assessment. Our medical team will do a complete evaluation of your condition, develop a plan to significantly improve your symptoms, and deliver the relief you deserve.

First Treatment Free!
Call our office to schedule a consultation. If you’re a candidate, we’ll give you a free treatment with your consultation so you can determine if our program is right for you. Call Lumen Care Center today at 913.802.2556 or visit us online at www.LumenCareCenter.com.

Lumen Care Center
for Peripheral Neuropathy
6800 Hilltop Rd., Shawnee, KS 66226

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