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Luck, Fate or By Design?

By Coach Lucy DelSarto, TCOY Wellness

Luck Fate or By DesignWhen it comes to your health, do you believe it’s merely a matter of luck or fate?

Disease does not just happen randomly. Health, not disease, is the natural state of the body. Many people do not realize this since we see disease everywhere around us. The body is an incredible machine that is constantly fighting to maintain our health and well-being.

Our society is struggling with obesity and a wide variety of health issues. If you want to get what the masses are getting, do what they are doing. If not, choose the path less traveled that will give you vitality and quality of life. Simple disciplines or errors in judgment over time will have an impact in the years ahead.

Input = Output
Have you ever had a “bounced check” from your bank? The consequence was an unpleasant financial fee along with emotional frustration and embarrassment. Was that bad luck or fate? Did it happen randomly? No, it happened because there were no funds in the account. Is your health account empty?

Our health, or lack of health, is not based on luck or fate but rather by design. If you continue to make demands (withdrawals) without providing support (deposits), your body will eventually go into physical bankruptcy (disease).

Symptoms communicate to your body that something is wrong. Ignoring or suppressing symptoms

is like waving away smoke while the fire within continues to burn. You are sick long before you actually get sick. The mental and physical demands on your body eventually surface like a fire alarm going off.

The modern medical treatment of almost all disease focuses on management of the symptoms instead of addressing and eliminating the causes. No one likes to feel sick and a quick fix is what we want and demand.

Unfortunately, years of immediate gratification, neglect and abuse tend to be a trait of human nature when it comes to taking care of our body. Then, when the consequences of this behavior surface in a health condition, it becomes a high priority to “fix it.”

Sadly, the “duct tape approach” is often applied. This might consist of taking a medication or having a surgery or some type of treatment. If you don’t address the cause of the issue, these are merely short-term solutions. An iceberg is a perfect visual for disease. The tip, like symptoms, represents only a small portion of the mass that lies underneath.

Belief Systems Regarding Health
Which of the three belief systems and definitions regarding health are you choosing?

LUCK: Success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.

FATE: The development of events outside a person’s control regarded as determined by a supernatural power.

DESIGN: A roadmap or a strategic approach for someone to achieve a unique expectation.

Embrace Wellness
One of the top concerns in our world today is healthcare. The political agenda is focusing on health insurance. As a Wellness Ambassador, I want to emphasize that “health insurance does NOT give you health, it merely helps pay for part of the sickness expenses.”

The way to move out of our healthcare crisis is to embrace wellness and focus on what the body needs to function and thrive. Wellness consists of hundreds of choices you make for yourself everyday. It’s never too late to start. Your body is talking to you. Will you listen and respond?

The choice is yours. No one can make you do this. Although you can motivate by fear and by reward, both methods are temporary. The only lasting change comes with self-motivation.

“Courting Wellness” is my weekly wellness coaching that teaches you how to develop a wellness mindset and lifestyle and empowers you to achieve your wellness goals. This proven roadmap is a sustainable program designed for people who are ready to take action and live well.

TCOY = Take Care of You!
If Not Now, When?
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