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Making a Difference in Children’s Lives Through Dance

Making a Difference in Children’s Lives Through DanceJody Phillips, owner of Jody Phillips Dance Company (JPDC), has been recognized both locally and nationally for her excellence in teaching dance and for her choreography. For over 38 years, Jody has focused on developing confidence, character, self-esteem, respect and discipline through the art of dance.

Teacher of the Year Award
Jody was awarded the prestigious “Teacher of the Year” award by Tremaine Dance. She is also an Ambassador for “Dance Teacher Summit” where she will be educating, encouraging, and helping continue to educate the art of dance.

Jody believes that bringing the “Rhythm of Excellence” to the Life of a Child is one of the greatest legacies we can provide. JPDC’s focus is to impact children with a sense of purpose and responsibility while building character-based principles as they learn and grow through the art of dance.
“Dance lessons are so much more than learning steps. Dance education builds confidence and respect and develops our future leaders, one child at a time. One of the reasons I am here on this earth is to make a difference in a child’s life, and I do it through the art of dance. I surround myself with others who are also positive and want to work together to make this world a better place while also making amazing memories along the way. One of the most rewarding things in life is mentoring all ages both young and old,” says Jody.

Giving Back
For the past five years, JPDC has produced the “Winter Wonderland” charity performance. JPDC is excited for its 6th performance on December 17th at 1:00 p.m. at Shawnee Mission West High School.Local talent, Nate Evans, writes and performs live with the children, making this an even more special event.  Over the years, JPDC has donated over $22,000 to Operation Breakthrough along with thousands of presents. JPDC also helps build awareness and donates to the Leukemia, Lymphoma Society, Juvenile Diabetes and Juvenile Arthritis Society.

Health Benefits of Dance:
•    Brain Function: Dancing makes the brain function better.
•    Physical Development: Dance involves a greater range of motion, coordination, strength and endurance than most other physical activities.
•    Emotional Maturity: Dance promotes psychological health and maturity.
•    Social Awareness: Dance fosters social encounter, interaction, and cooperation.
•    Cognitive Development: Young children will create movement spontaneously when presented with movement ideas or problems that can be solved with a movement response.
•    Long Term Benefit: A major study has added to the growing evidence that stimulating one’s mind by dancing can ward off Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia, much as physical exercise can keep the body fit. Thus dancing may contribute to cognitive acuity at all ages.

Your Invitation to Better Health
JPDC has hundreds of alumni that attribute their success to the life skills they learned while being a student at JPDC. Doctors, lawyers, school teachers, dentists, professional dancers – hundreds of JPDC alumni still come back and say what dance has done for them in so many ways to help make them successful adults.

JPDC has an Educational Program and also a Competitive Program. JPDC Competitive Team has won National Top Honors in numerous competitions for years. Jody stresses it’s not about the trophy but all about being the best you can be as an individual and as a team member.
When you join JPDC, you join a dance family that cares about your child like they were their own! Come meet our wonderful staff today and you will notice the difference we want to make in your child’s life.

Dance is for All Ages!
No matter how young or how old you are, DANCE is and can be a lifelong activity that can help you both mentally and physically more than most activities. To learn more or to sign up for a class, please call us at 913-897-9888 or visit us online at www.jodyphillipsdance.com.

Jody Phillips
Owner, Jody Phillips Dance Company
“Our mission is to educate and develop students for lifelong success through the art of dance. We teach the values of discipline, self-esteem, confidence and respect. By sharing our passion and love for dance, we encourage and develop your child’s full potential as an individual. At JPDC, we stress The Rhythm of Excellence in all aspects of life.” –Jody Phillips

Congratulations to Ms. Jody for receiving
“National Teacher of the Year 2015-16”
awarded by Tremaine Dance Conventions!

Jody Phillips Dance Company
“Winter Wonderland”
charity performance
6th performance
December 17th, 1:00 p.m.
Shawnee Mission West High School

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