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Making the Right Choice for Your Rehabilitation

Making the Right Choice for Your RehabilitationWith so many different kinds of healthcare facilities, the below tips  can  help  you  compare availability of services, personnel, approach to delivery of patient care as well as patient outcomes, and find rehabilitative care that best meets the needs for you or your loved one.

Do your research:
Selecting a rehabilitation provider is like choosing your doctors; you want the best care possible for you or your loved one. Many facilities offer rehabilitation services but the quality, experience and comprehensive nature of these services can vary significantly.

Don’t assume all therapists are the same:
Therapists may be required to study the same information and abide by the same rules and guidelines, but a good therapist offers more than just textbook solutions. At MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital, therapists are experienced in providing rehabilitation for many conditions including stroke, spinal cord, amputee, neurological and more. Our therapists are also skilled to help patients relearn the skills needed to return to the community.

Rehabilitation facilities and nursing homes are different:
Research shows that outcomes are better and recovery is faster in the acute-care setting, compared to skilled nursing and nursing home care. But, there are various types of rehabilitation providers, each offering different levels of care. Determining the best option is dependent upon the patient’s condition. Ultimately, the provider chosen should strive to help you or your loved one achieve the highest level of independence possible.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions:
When the doctor or insurance company makes a recommendation, ask questions to ensure the provider and staff will meet the rehabilitation needs of you or your loved one. To ensure you’re making the “right” decision, you can ask the following questions:
• How often does the doctor visit with patients and what type of access will family members have to the doctor or staff? In a true rehabilitation hospital, a doctor visits with patients five to six times per week, opposed to a skilled nursing facility where doctors are only required to visit once every 30 days.
• How long do most people stay and who decides when it’s time to go home? Every situation requires a different amount of rehabilitation time and a patient shouldn’t leave until their progress has been fully evaluated by their entire rehabilitation team.
• How many patients (who have the same/similar condition) have been successfully treated? This is an important question because not all facilities can handle every situation. It is acceptable to ask for the phone number of the specialists and ask questions about their methods of treatments and daily routines. Ask them how many hours of therapy patients typically go through a day.
• How many patients return home after discharge, opposed to going to a nursing home? This varies by condition.
• What type of educational and weekend programs are available?
Take a tour:
Before you make a decision, make an appointment to take a tour of the hospital. Look for cleanliness, smell for odors and ask to see therapy areas and equipment.

Do the comparison:
Make sure to compare the years of service, specialty programs, patient satisfaction and patient clinical outcomes among facilities. The Joint Commission awards many Disease-Specific Care Certifications for rehabilitation programs that demonstrate compliance with national healthcare standards in quality and safety. Taking these steps in choosing the right rehabilitation can make a huge difference in a patient’s recovery.

About MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital
MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital is a 98-bed inpatient rehabilitation hospital that offers comprehensive inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services designed to return patients to leading active and independent lives. In addition to caring for general rehabilitation diagnoses such as orthopedics, pulmonary, and cardiac, MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital has specialized inpatient programs for stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputation and neurological conditions.

When it comes to finding the best rehabilitation services, be sure to understand the differences in your options. For more information about the higher level of care provided in an acute rehabilitation hospital such as MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital, call (913) 491-2400 or visit www.MidAmericaRehabHospital.com.

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