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Meditation – America’s Hottest New Employee Wellness Program

By Kim Colegrove –

MeditationIn honor of National Employee Wellness Month, I wanted to discuss the next big thing in employee wellness: meditation.
Business Moguls Say Om 2013 was a big year for meditation in the workplace. Many business leaders at the top of their game publicly credited meditation as a key to their success. Ray Dalio, billionaire hedge fund founder, is quoted as saying, “Meditation more than anything in my life was the biggest ingredient of whatever success I’ve had.” News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch is a meditator, as is Larry Brilliant, former director of Google.org and Bill Ford, executive chairman of Ford Motor Company.

Meditation at Work
Not only do some of America’s top corporate leaders meditate, many of them are bringing meditation to their company’s wellness programs. Mark Bertolini, CEO of Aetna, claims mind-body stress reduction practices such as meditation led his company to a 7 percent reduction in health care costs and a 69-minute-per-day increase in worker productivity.

Wall Street is even getting in on the action. A recent CNN Money article reports Wall Street companies such as hedge-fund firm Third Point LLC are implementing meditation to reduce workplace stress and keep employees happy and productive. “Meditation, contemplation — it’s not just for monks and hermits. They’re really for people to improve all our lives and business,” says Daniel Loeb, Third Point founder.

Other companies offering meditation instruction and support to employees are: Google, Apple, General Mills, Target and many others. Participating employees are reporting reduced stress, more mental clarity, and better focus.

A Quiet Mind is the New In Thing
The corporate landscape is changing. It seems meditation has emerged from the shadowy corners of the new age movement, and stepped smack dab in the middle of the mainstream. According to Harvard Business School, “The two most effective business tools for twenty-first century executives are meditation and intuition.” Innovative companies – the trendsetters and industry leaders – already know this, and they’re creating cultures that reflect it.

As a meditation and mindfulness coach in corporate settings, I understand the stresses of work-life balance. I help companies create courses and presentations to reduce workplace stress and improve employee engagement.

To learn more about the benefits of meditation in the workplace, call Kim at 913-972-2548 or visit www.maketimefornothing.com.

Kim Colegrove, Meditation Instructor Owner, Make Time for Nothing™
I was trained in Transcendental Meditation in the 1970s, at the age of 10. After 30 years studying and practicing meditation, I developed my own approach, and began teaching people. Recently, I’ve turned my attention to corporate wellness, where stress is prevalent, employee engagement is at an all time low, and health care costs are skyrocketing. According to the World Health Organization, stress costs American businesses an estimated 3 billion dollars a year. I offer stress reduction strategies like meditation instruction and mindfulness training in corporate settings, which can help companies address the stress and improve employee engagement.

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