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Mirror, Mirror…. Who is THAT?

Let MedCOSMETIC™ Transform the Outer You to Match the Inner You!

– By Dee Dee Jarvis –

Have you ever looked into the mirror only to see a reflection that represents someone similar to you…but not quite the version your brain expects to see?

With summer swimsuit season fast approaching, you may be more keenly aware of that reflection in the mirror. Before you slip into your beach attire, you want to make sure you’re looking and feeling your very best. At MedCOSMETIC™, we can help you get rid of pesky spider veins, age and sun spots, as well as plump your skin giving you a more youthful appearance and glow—helping make that reflection in the mirror more closely represent the way you feel. And, we have all the skincare products you need to help maintain that truer you.

Reduce or Eliminate Spider Veins
Reducing or eliminating leg veins that are cosmetically unappealing to you is an easy enough endeavor to embark upon. Those dilated capillaries we call “spider veins” are thought to occur because of environmental factors, genetics, or faulty valves inside the veins.

To rid your body of unsightly spider veins, MedCOSMETIC™ uses the GEMINI (1064 nm Nd:YAG) laser. The GEMINI targets the blue, red, or purple color veins. There is minimal damage to the surrounding tissue because only the vein is targeted. The GEMINI is safe to use on all skin types with or without sun exposure.

This treatment is virtually painless and has been described by most patients as a pinprick-type feeling. You can actually see the vein disappearing with each laser pulse, and after the first two weeks you will notice the veins fading away.

Scowling…Even When You’re Smiling?
Let MedCOSMETIC™ get rid of the “11’s” between your eyes that lead everyone to think you are angry or scowling. Many of us squint in the sunlight or when we are thinking or concentrating. These are common facial expressions, but after years of repeatedly moving your muscles this way, deep lines (rhytides or wrinkles) form.

MedCOSMETIC™ is excited to offer Dysport® to reduce the appearance of action/motion generated wrinkles. Wondering what Dysport® is? It is a neurotoxin injected below the skin. The effects are evident within days, and can last at least 120 days. The treatment takes about 15 minutes and is FDA approved.

Give Your Skin the Royal Treatment
Ever wonder what the secret ingredient is to a facial rendering youthful, more radiant skin? As aestheticians, exfoliation, stimulation, and hydration, accompanied by superior corrective ingredients are the key. The HydraFacial™ delivers all this in one relaxing treatment!

How the HydraFacial™ Works
The aesthetician will perform a preliminary cleanse in order to analyze your skin. Once she has determined you are a candidate (and most are), phase one of your HydraFacial™ will begin—the deep pore cleanse. During this cleansing phase, the HydraFacial™ is dislodging dead cells, dirt, and debris from your pores in preparation for the next steps. Phase two concentrates on exfoliation via chemical peel. Once the skin is exfoliated, the aesthetician will perform extractions. She can spend extra time during this step to concentrate on areas of breakouts. Your pores will appear smaller and clearer after this painless extraction process, lending to a softer look to the skin. Finally, your skin is treated with an antioxidant and vitamin serum to combat free radicals and environmental damage. The result is smoother, softer, and more radiant skin. The HydraFacial™ can be customized to your individual, specific skin type with additional steps and treatments. Lastly, don’t forget your neck, décolleté, and back area. These all need attention, too. To take years off your skin and to treat your skin right, the HydraFacial™ is the key!

No-Cost Skin Care Analysis
Call us at 913-888-SKIN (7546) and receive a complimentary skin care analysis by mentioning you saw this in KC Health & Wellness, or visit us online at to learn more. Let MedCOSMETIC™ help transform the outer you to match the inner you!

To Your Health and SKIN!!

Dee Dee, Vicki, and your MedCOSMETIC™  Aestheticians: Nikki Gardner, Tama Veltri and Sandra Baslock

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