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New Band-Aid Procedure Treats Low Back Pain

A common condition diagnosed in 1.2 million Americans –

New Band-Aid Procedure Treats Low Back PainIf you are over age 50 and suffer from lower back pain that is relieved by leaning forward, such as on a shopping cart or sitting down, you may be experiencing the symptoms of lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS). LSS is a degenerative, age-related narrowing of the lower spinal canal that causes pressure on the nerves and leads to pain and immobility. LSS is a common condition diagnosed in 1.2 million Americans each year.

New Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression (MILD) Procedure
In the past, if conservative pain treatments using medication, physical and chiropractic therapy, and epidural steroid injections failed, all that was available was open spine surgery. Now, there is a new band-aid procedure called Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression (MILD) that doesn’t change the stability of the spine. “This new treatment finally allows me to treat the cause of the stenosis,” said Daniel Bruning, a physician and co-founder of PainCARE.

Two of the First Physicians in KC to Perform Cutting Edge Procedure
In 2010, Dr. Bruning and Dr. Eubanks were two of the first physicians in the greater Kansas City area to perform the new cutting edge procedure used to treat Lumbar Spinal Stenosis (LSS). The Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression (MILD) procedure is the first minimally invasive surgical treatment to provide immediate and lasting relief from LSS.

Very High Success Rate
During the MILD procedure, through an incision the diameter of a pencil, the physician uses an x-ray guided device to remove the bone or tissue causing pressure on the nerves. There are no incisions, implants, stitches or staples, only a band-aid is required. This procedure is done under mild sedation in an outpatient setting, with no down time or rehabilitation as there is in traditional LSS surgery. The new procedure has a very high success rate for the right patients, and, in most cases, patients can go home the same day. “Studies on patients around the country have been nothing short of dramatic,” said physician and PainCARE co-founder Kimber Eubanks.

About KC PainCARE
Dr. Bruning and Dr. Eubanks believe you don’t have to live with debilitating pain. PainCARE is their highly respected practice which helps their patients reduce or eliminate pain while helping to increase daily activities and mobility. They focus not only on minimizing pain, but also on finding its source. Their goal is to relieve pain caused by injury or neurological disorders by utilizing interventional pain management techniques; not oral pain medications.

Treatment for back and neck pain can be frightening for some individuals that is why the physicians of PainCARE offer sedation with most procedures. Dr. Bruning and Dr. Eubanks also understand the concerns surrounding the cost of medical care. They are able to eliminate expensive hospital facility and recovery room fees by performing many of their treatments in an office setting. They accept all major insurance plans and most Medicare replacement plans.

Pain Doesn’t Wait…..Why Should You?
So, when your primary care physician or chiropractor recommends treatment to eliminate pain, ask to use Dr. Bruning and/or Dr. Eubanks at PainCARE in Overland Park, KS. At PainCARE, appointments are available within 24-48 hours. To learn more about the MILD procedure as well as all other treatments performed by Dr. Bruning and Dr. Eubanks, please call PainCARE at (913) 901-8880, or visit our website at kcpaincare.com.

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