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New iBalance SmartTouch Fitness Machine Technology Improves Balance and Reduces Risk of Falls for Seniors

New iBalance SmartTouch Fitness Machine Technology Improves Balance and Reduces Risk of Falls for SeniorsFalls are no laughing matter for seniors. Every year, one in four Americans age 65 and older experiences a fall, accounting for more than 800,000 hospitalizations annually. All too often, these hospitalizations are followed by a slow, arduous road to recovery. The iBalance machine helps improve balance and reduce the risk of a loved one taking a life-altering fall.

Village Shalom Wellness Center
Finds Balance through Technology
Village Shalom, a non-profit Overland Park Continuing Care Retirement Community, has introduced new fitness technology to help seniors combat the risks of a fall. The Wellness Center’s new iBalance machine tests the balance of its users and creates balance improving exercises based on each individual’s capabilities.

Aspects of the iBalance Machine Include:
Allows users to test their balance skills and see how they compare to others in the same age group.
Helps users improve their balance with a variety of interactive training exercises.
Creates fun with interactive games and a large, colorful screen.
Records and shares results. Each user can print out test results to share with their physicians and family.

“The iBalance machine is fun, stimulating and motivational,” said Village Shalom Wellness Center Coordinator, Patty Hill. “Anytime we can improve the ability of our residents and Wellness Center members to stay active and independent in their daily routines, it is well worth it.”
The iBalance Machine Helps Improve Balance and Reduce the Risk of Taking a Life-Altering Fall

Users can test their balance skills and see how they compare to others in their age group. The machine also tailors interactive training exercises to help each user improve their balance.

With a large, colorful screen, the machine is easy to use, and allows users to print off their results to monitor progress or share with a physician. “It is a fun way to regain some of your balance, and time really passes when you’re on it,” said Village Shalom resident Brita Horowitz.

Promoting Healthy Aging for Seniors
The iBalance machine is available for use to all members of the Village Shalom Wellness Center, which promotes healthy aging for seniors. Membership to The Wellness Center is open to the public, with individual memberships starting at $30 per month. Members have access to the indoor warm-water pool, the fitness and exercise room, group exercise classes and professional staff supervision. Those interested can contact the Village Shalom Wellness Center at 913-266-8409.

About Village Shalom
Village Shalom is a not-for-profit, Continuing Care Retirement Community located in Overland Park, Kansas. In 2012, the organization marked a century of providing the highest-quality care to seniors throughout the Greater Kansas City area. At its current location since 2000, Village Shalom has provided thousands of seniors with a wide range of services including independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing and specialized Alzheimer’s care. In addition, community members benefit from The Wellness Center, the Great Days Social Club day-stay program (for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease), the Epsten Gallery of Art, and outpatient rehabilitation services.

Sponsored by the Kansas City Jewish community since its inception, Village Shalom maintains its commitment to providing resident-centered care that values each individual’s quality of life as well as quality of care. The retirement community provides services to meet the physical, social and spiritual needs of senior adults from diverse cultures and economic backgrounds, and has won regional and national awards for its innovations in senior living and care. For more information about Village Shalom, call 913-317-2600 or visit

For generations, Kansas City has counted on Village Shalom for the best in retirement living. Now we’re breaking ground on the next generation of retirement living in the form of 76 new apartment-style independent living residences along with a collection of first-class amenities.
As a hospitality-first community designed to fulfill the unique desires of today’s senior living consumers, the residents of Village Shalom’s new independent living community can expect the same level of amenities and services enjoyed in a luxury hotel or resort.

5500 West 123rd Street
Overland Park, KS 66209

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