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Now You Can Assess the Severity of Your Neuropathy!

Now You Can Assess the Severity of Your Neuropathy!Do you or a loved one suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy, with nerve pain or numbness? If so, you’re not
alone. That’s the bad news. The good news is that Lumen Care Center’s proprietary assessment and treatment protocol is a true breakthrough in treating Peripheral Neuropathy.

What is Peripheral Neuropathy?
Neuropathy means “nerve disease or damage” and it results from damage to the peripheral nervous system. It affects approximately 20 million people in the United States.

In fact, people with diabetes and those who received chemotherapy are more at risk for developing some stage of Peripheral Neuropathy.*

Fortunately, with Lumen Care Center’s proprietary treatment, you can identify your stage of Peripheral Neuropathy and actually SEE your score and symptoms improve.

During your initial consultation, our team works with you to determine the severity of your Neuropathy. Our, on staff, medical doctor, Dr. Kipp VanCamp, developed a proprietary assessment to determine your Neuropathy severity score. The assessment utilizes a scale that will give you a Neuropathy Score and identify your stage of Neuropathy.

There Is Hope
After our medical team determines your stage of Neuropathy, you will receive a tailored treatment plan based on the individual and physical findings of your score.

Treatment is professional, non-invasive, painless, and completely drug-free. In fact, patients often describe treatment as a warm, relaxing sensation.

Just one treatment has been shown to improve a patient’s condition up to 400 percent! However, because Peripheral Neuropathy develops slowly, over time, it typically requires a series of treatments to notice long, lasting results. The frequency and length of your treatment is based off of your score during your initial consultation and will be provided if you choose to continue with treatment.

Take the Next Step
Don’t let Peripheral Neuropathy, pain, and numbness affect you any longer! Call our office to schedule your initial consultation.

The consultation includes our proprietary assessment and diagnosis that will determine your Peripheral Neuropathy Score!

Call (913) 802-2556
or visit us online at

Together, we can reduce your Peripheral Neuropathy symptoms so your next step doesn’t hurt!

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