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A Possible Alternative to a CPAP Machine

A Possible Alternative to a CPAP MachineIf you were diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea and your primary care doctor ordered a CPAP or BiPAP machine, you now find yourself lugging around extra equipment when you take a trip—especially inconvenient if you travel by air or want to go camping. Each time you gather up everything for your trip, you may think, ‘There has to be a better way.’

Or maybe the machine is taking up all your space on your nightstand and the hoses are always tangled up or falling off the side of the bed. As time goes by, it becomes increasingly irritating to deal with the hassle and the tangle. Not to mention the periodic cleaning and disinfecting of the hoses. You also have to remember to order replacement parts before the current ones wear out.

Maybe you are supposed to be wearing a CPAP machine but it’s tucked away in your closet somewhere because you don’t want your spouse to see you with all this gear all over your face—it’s surely not the most romantic attire. Neither are the strap marks you often wake up with when you do wear the mask.

Benefits of an
Oral Sleep Appliance

Did you know there is an oral appliance that can be custom made just for you that would eliminate the need to be hooked to a machine all night? Imagine no more lugging your CPAP through the airport security line. Imagine being able to pitch a tent at the campsite and not worry about needing electricity. Imagine no more pulling the CPAP hose up and over your head because you’ve decided to roll over. Imagine no more looking like you’re going scuba diving or racing into a burning building when crawling into bed! Simply put in your Oral Sleep Appliance and say goodnight!

Meet with a Qualified 

Sleep Medicine Dentist

The first step to getting an oral appliance to replace your CPAP or BiPAP is to make an appointment with a qualified Sleep Medicine Dentist. Not all dentists are trained specifically for oral sleep appliances. A “mouthguard” or “nightguard” for bruxism is not the same device and some have actually caused sleep apnea to worsen.

There are several different kinds of sleep appliances on the market today. The type that best suits you is discussed with the sleep dentist. In our office, we do a couple of diagnostic tests to determine a patient’s candidacy for wearing a sleep appliance. Not all patients will benefit from the use of an appliance due to airway restrictions. Also, if your sleep apnea is severe, you may need combination therapy: an oral appliance that hooks into a CPAP device. While this does not eliminate the use of a CPAP machine altogether, you may still benefit from a lower pressure setting on your machine, which ultimately will be more comfortable. Call our office and schedule a consultation: 816-795-1000.



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