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Racquetball: For Age 4 to 84!

By Lucy DelSarto, Wellness Educator and Coach, TCOY (Take Care of You) Wellness

RacquetballLet me introduce you to a sport where my participants range in age from four to nearly eighty four – Racquetball! Indeed, I have coached all eight decades of life in this fun life-time sport.

There are few sports where age, height and gender don’t play a significant role. Racquetball is one of them, plus, it is easy to learn! A player will have fun during their first introduction. Kids can compete with their parents and grandparents, couples can enjoy an active date night, and all can experience the following healthy benefits of this great sport.

Benefits of Racquetball:
Racquetball Teaches Life Skills: Racquetball teaches many life skills, including: discipline, determination, respect, courtesy, strategic thinking, persistence and more. Kids and adults enhance and develop hand-eye coordination, flexibility and activate other motor skills with racquetball. The results are improved health, well-being and improves athleticism for other sports.

Racquetball 101 Clinics Cover the Basics: Fundamentals, technique, court etiquette and strategy, therefore, improving skills quickly and avoiding injuries. An added bonus of clinics and lessons is being introduced to other players.

Escape from a Hectic Day!: The sport is an excellent workout mentally, physically and socially.

Mentally Fully Engaging: You are constantly making split-second decisions; it is excellent for hand-eye coordination.

Physically a Great Cardio Workout: Every major muscle group is utilized while playing racquetball.

Socially a Fun Lifetime Sport: My clients range in age from 4 to nearly 84. Racquetball is more than a workout, it’s a ”fun-out.” You can enjoy it recreationally for fitness or competitively with leagues and tournament play.

My TCOY Racquetball Mantra:
Competition is about personal best and FUN is at the center of my coaching because if something is fun, you will continue doing it. If you play, YOU WIN! Whether you are a beginner or have been playing for years, just getting out on the court and participating in this great game makes you an active participant in life. It makes you a WINNER because you are being active and taking care of your body and your health, your greatest asset! I always say, if you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?

Katie – 10 years old:
“I like racquetball because it gives me something to do. It can also be just for fun. It’s good exercise and it’s something that the whole family can enjoy. One of my racquetball goals is to beat my mom and step-dad in the game!

I think other kids should try racquetball because it is a lot of fun.”

Melisa – Katie’s Mom:
“I have only been playing racquetball for a couple of years, but I absolutely love it! It’s a great workout disguised as fun! I’ve met a ton of neat people and I’m even more excited now because my daughter Katie is learning to play, too. We have a great time playing together.”

Introductory Adult Class*: Covers rules, stroke technique and strategy. Court play time and equipment provided.
(classes grouped per skill levels)

Juniors Introductory Class*: Covers rules, stroke technique and strategy. Court play time and equipment provided. Three categories of suggested ages: 6-9; 10-13; 14-18. (classes grouped per skill levels)

Join a 5-Week Clinic (60 minute sessions)
Weeknights and Saturday Mornings
Only $80!

For clinic information or to schedule individual lessons, please contact Coach Lucy at 913-709-6059 or send an email to
Let the games begin!

Lucy Kupish DelSarto, WEC  
Lucy founded TCOY (Take Care of You) Wellness in 1999. She is a former Professional Athlete ranked in the “Top 16” in the world on the Women’s Pro Racquetball Tour with 30+ years of coaching, including four years at Stanford University. Lucy remains active in racquetball mentoring and competing in the top men’s divisions and has held the Kansas Women’s Open Singles Title since 1999.

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