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Ready, Set, SMART Marketing Goals 5 Steps to Success

By Kenna Lewis, Social Centric Media

Ready, Set, SMART Marketing GoalsWith a little bit of planning and purposeful goal-setting, you can start the year off right and strive to make 2018 the best year yet!

Well, here we are; it’s the beginning of a new year. Like most people, I use the first of the year to evaluate and set digital marketing goals for my business. Too often companies get started with their online marketing efforts too fast. When it comes to building communities and engaging an audience, we don’t always see immediate results. As a result, it can be a struggle to prove that your efforts are actually going to provide an ROI.

Setting SMART Goals
Goal setting is probably one of the hardest things marketers and business owners have to do. To assist you in your goal-setting efforts, I am going to share with you the SMART goal framework. Everyone should be setting SMART goals in marketing. SMART stands for:
• Specific
• Measurable
• Attainable
• Realistic
• Timely

Step One: Be Specific
The goals you define for your company — both for your specific marketing initiatives as well as for your company as a whole – set the tone. They communicate what’s a priority, what you hope to accomplish, and ensure accountability.

Ask yourself the five standard “W’s”
1.) Who: Who are we trying to reach, or who is involved?
2.) What: What, exactly, do we want to accomplish? More conversions, opens, clicks, likes, shares, comments, etc.
3.) Why: Why do we want to accomplish this goal?
4.) Where: Where are we going to do this? Online, email, web, YouTube, etc.
5.) When: When do we expect to accomplish this goal?

Step Two: Is it Measurable?
How will you define your success? What criteria, or key performance indicators, will you use to prove you’ve achieved success? Goal-setting without measurement is like having a sporting event without keeping score. High-performance businesses typically live and breathe by powerful analytical tools and technologies that read conversions.

Step Three: Attainable
Setting goals is easy. Determining whether you can actually accomplish them is another story in itself. You certainly don’t want to set goals so steep that you will never accomplish them, or so easy that they weren’t worth setting in the first place. Set goals that are realistic but that require you to raise the bar a little! Achieving goals that make you stretch will bring the greatest satisfaction.

Step Four: Are they Realistic and Relevant?
Be honest with yourself. Can you and your team accomplish this goal? Is the goal relevant to the success of your company and team? You and your team know what you are capable of. Have a team meeting and discuss any hurdles you might have to overcome. Shooting for the moon, while optimistic, can set you up for failure, which can turn into discouragement for future attempts at success.

Step Five: Timely
Designate short and long-term goals. How long will it take you to reach the goals you’ve set forth? Discuss the reality of how long it will take to accomplish your goals early on. Give each goal a deadline, target, or completion date. No timeline = no sense of urgency. This will make for a much more peaceful digital marketing adventure.

Keep in mind that goal setting is a dynamic process. You will always be refining your goals and working toward new challenges. Always keep your line of communication open with your team, and your business’s digital marketing efforts will be set up for success in 2018.

For help getting started, contact Kenna Lewis with Social Centric Media at 816.582.7366 or visit online at

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