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What to Expect after Knee Replacement Surgery

RECOVERY IS A JOINT EFFORTTotal knee replacement is one of the most commonly-performed procedures in orthopedic and sports medicine, enabling millions of people to resume an active life. For some people, the results feel like nothing short of a miracle.

But what happens after your surgery to bring about those results?

Rehabilitation (rehab) after a knee replacement is immediate and intensive; you’re likely to walk the same day as your surgery. The initial goal of rehab is to allow you to bend your knee at least 90 degrees—enough to do daily activities, like walking, climbing stairs, sitting down and getting up from chairs, and getting in and out of a car. Ultimately, the goal is to reach a normal range of motion when bending and straightening your leg.

If you want to achieve an outstanding outcome, you will need to be an active and eager participant in your rehab. The good news? You’re not alone. Recovery is a joint effort!


Village Home Health always starts home care for orthopedic patients the day after discharge, even on weekends, to give you a smooth transition into your home setting. Therapists will come three to five days a week, depending on your needs and your physician’s orders, so you can begin your recovery and quickly proceed on the path to improved health.

Your physical therapist will tailor a home exercise program to help with range-of-motion, muscle-strengthening, body awareness, mobility, and activity-specific training for your individual goals. He or she will also teach you the safest way to perform your activities of daily living while recovering from your joint replacement. Furthermore, you can expect a safety assessment to identify hazards or other barriers in your home that may impede your rehabilitation process.

In addition to monitoring your overall health, regular pain assessments are crucial in reducing your chances of returning to the hospital. Through a systematic process of pain assessment, measurement and reevaluation, and pain management techniques, your care team is able to increase your comfort and ability to progress with your rehab.

Village Helpers In-Home Care
If you want further assistance with prescribed exercises, medication reminders, light housekeeping, healthy meal prep, even errands, Village Helpers In-Home Care can lend a helping hand. These professional caregivers work in tandem with Village Home Health to help boost the effectiveness of your rehabilitation.

Village Home Health’s nursing and therapy teams care for patients in nine Kansas and Missouri counties across the greater Kansas City metro area. Prior to your surgery, please remember to tell the discharge planner at the hospital that Village Home Health is your home care company of choice!

Compassionate Care and Support
To learn more about the compassionate care and support provided by Village Home Health and Village Helpers In-Home Care, visit jkvhealthservices.org.

For Village Home Health services in Kansas, call 913-403-8343; for Missouri, call 816-524-1133. To request Village Helpers In-Home Care, call 816-524-2676.

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