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Running Injuries, Be Gone!

Running Injuries, Be Gone!Dr. Kirk Iodice, Official Chiropractor for the KC Smoke Elite Running Club and Kansas City T-Bones, specializes in getting runners back on the road

Advanced Healthcare & Sports Injury (AHSI) is an independently owned healthcare facility that offers a cutting edge treatment model. They combine highly effective therapies that have proven to get most athletes, particularly runners, back to their sport very quickly. This clinic has treated some of the fastest runners in Kansas City and has earned a reputation for getting lasting results quickly, even on difficult cases.

Is Running Bad for You?
Many people are surprised to learn that much of what they have been told about how “bad” running is for them is false. Dr. Kirk Iodice, founder of AHSI, states that the most common piece of misinformation that patients have been told is that running causes knee osteoarthritis. However, a 25 year study of knee X-rays concluded that distance running did not cause degenerative changes to joints (Chakravarty, et al). Another study showed that runners had decreased rates of lower extremity disability and overall disability, as well as concluding that it might decrease the risk of osteoarthritis (Bosoworth).

While studies suggest that distance running less than 40-60 miles per week actually decreases the risk of osteoarthritis, running does increase the risk of soft tissue injuries. Thus, any clinic that aims to successfully treat running injuries must be equipped with effective therapies for soft tissue injuries.

Effective Therapies for Treating
Muscle, Joint and Nerve Injuries
Advanced Healthcare & Sports Injury offers a variety of techniques that are among the most effective at treating muscle, joint, and nerve injuries in runners and non-athletes alike. Following are a few examples.

AHSI has provided nearly 50,000 treatments with Active Release Techniques. This treatment, abbreviated A.R.T., is one of the most effective techniques for addressing soft tissue injuries, including neck/back pain, headache, TMJ problems, rotator cuff injuries, hamstring tears, runner’s knee injuries, and Achilles tendonitis.

IASTM stands for Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization. Often referred to as “Graston” or “ASTYM,” which are brands of instruments and are versions of IASTM, all versions of this treatment aim to break up scar tissue in injured muscles and tendons. It works by releasing fascia, which is a layer of connective tissue under the skin.

Dry Needling
Small solid needles are placed into injured or tender muscles to stimulate soft tissue repair. It’s one of the most sought after treatments by high-level athletes after some high profile successes in recent years with professional athletes. It is particularly effective with trigger point muscular “knots” and strains. Using dry needling, Dr. Iodice’s average treatment time for an acute calf strain is 1.25 visits.

Kinesiology Tape
Often referred to as “KT” tape, there are several different manufacturers and taping styles that have similar intentions. The tape is elastic in one direction, which allows the force to be drawn to or taken away from certain areas. It helps support soft tissue structures and improves biomechanics to speed recovery.

Rehabilitative Exercise
Tight muscles produce weak muscles and vice versa, so in order to achieve long lasting results in treating running injuries, strengthening exercises must usually be prescribed. AHSI uses a variety of functional exercises and movements, including kettlebell training.

Understanding Running Injuries
Running injuries often aren’t traumatic in nature. The most common scenario is a runner who has been training at a distance and speed that they were used to when “bam!” something just happens and a pain began. This is almost always an overuse injury. The term “overuse” can be misleading, though. It does not mean an athlete just ran too far and got injured. This term means that a particular area of someone’s body was over used, meaning too much mechanical force per unit time was placed in that region. Since that area was being used beyond the capacity for which it was designed and at a greater relative amount of force than other parts, it broke down faster than other areas.

Identifying the True Cause  of Overuse Injuries
The cause of overuse injuries is often not obvious, which is why self-diagnosis and treatment can often fail. For example, lack of ankle mobility is one of the most common causes of a hip flexor strain. If this root cause is not identified and remedied, an athlete will simply manage symptoms by stretching or having the hip flexor treated. This will not fix the problem.

AHSI uses a variety of analyses to understand why running injuries are occurring through identifying the faulty mechanics that cause them. This includes looking at joint mobility, muscle strength, flexibility, and running form.

Keeping the Smoke Running Hot!
The KC Smoke is a running group whose members are some of the fastest people in Kansas City. According to their website, “The Kansas City Smoke is a USATF Elite Development Club established to provide training and competitive opportunities to emerging elite, post collegiate distance runners based in the Missouri Valley Association.” Dr. Iodice has been working with the group as their Official Chiropractor for a number of years now. The members of Smoke are post collegiate and masters runners who are some of the most competitive in the country at the club level.

The group’s Executive Director, Randy Wasinger, sets to lead by example. His record boasts a number of impressive Masters performances, most recently coming in 2nd place at the US Olympic Trials Masters 1500m run. While he won’t be heading to the Olympics, his time of 3.58.30 is impressive at any age.

What Drives AHSI to Treat Runners
so Quickly and Successfully?
Runners show amazing commitment to their sport. The vast majority treated at AHSI have full time jobs and families. These motivated individuals often wake up long before the sun is up and the kids are awake to run. They sacrifice being able to sleep in on the weekend to take part in group runs or races. They often form strong social bonds with running partners or groups that comprise a major part of their social life. Thus, when a runner is unable to participate in their sport, it affects not only their physical condition, but also their mental state and their social life.

Helping Runners Get Back on the Road
Advanced Healthcare & Sports Injury recognizes the key role running plays in maintaining a balanced, healthy life for its patients. That is the reason they are constantly pushing for better results to get runners back on the road.

As one of Kansas City’s premier chiropractic centers for joint adjustments, soft tissue treatments, and rehabilitative exercise, our goal is to loosen tight tissues, strengthen weak muscles, and help stiff joints move properly.

To learn more or to make an appointment, please call Advanced Healthcare & Sports Injury at 913-764-2271 or visit online at

Dr. Kirk Iodice and Randy Wasinger
Randy Wasinger had this to say about his experience with AHSI, “My visits to Dr. Iodice have been an integral part of my training for many years now. Because of his treatments, I am able to train at a higher level and perform my best on race day.

I trust Dr. Iodice with my health, as well as the health of my whole family.”

Dr. Kirk Iodice earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Logan University in St. Louis, MO, graduating magna cum laude. He received his Bachelor of Science in Health Fitness degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, also graduating with honors.

While at Logan, Dr. Iodice was amongst a select few chosen as an intern at Winchester-Hilgefort Spine and Joint Center, a world-renowned manual therapy clinic. During this internship, Dr. Iodice gained hands-on knowledge about diagnosis and treatment from some of the best doctors in the world. He also attended many advanced soft tissue, adjusting, and rehabilitation technique seminars from a variety of organizations, further enhancing his knowledge and skills.

Dr. Iodice is the Chiropractor for the Kansas City T-Bones professional baseball club and
KC Smoke Elite Running Club. He also is on the Recommended Physician Lists for the KC Ballet
and the Runner’s Edge of KC.

Dr. Iodice has experienced great success treating many difficult conditions. These excellent results and our patients’ very high level of satisfaction is founded in his education and experience. Some of his accolades and certifications include:
Official Chiropractor for the Kansas City T-Bones, Official Chiropractor for the KC Smoke Elite Running Club and Hospital Hill Run, Cleveland Chiropractic College Faculty, Recommended Physician: KC Ballet & Runner’s Edge of KC, Former Official Chiropractor for Kansas City Wizards, Active Release Techniques Certified, Motion Palpation Institute Certified, Kinesio Taping Level 3 Certified. Specialized Techniques include: Spinal and Extremity Adjusting from Motion Palpation Institute (MPI), Active Release Techniques (ART), Dry Needling (Functional and Integrative), LED Light for Tissue Repair, Pneumex Unweighting Treadmill, FAKTR Certified Provider, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM), Rehabilitative Exercise Protocols, Kinesio Taping Methods, Reflex Locomotion, Nerve Flossing (Neuromobilizations), Gait Analysis, TMJ (jaw joint) Treatment Protocols, Athletic Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention, and Ergonomics Consultations.

He enjoys spending time with this wife, 2 daughters, and 2 dogs. He also enjoys exercising regularly and spending time with his extended family.

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