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See No Evil! Speak No Evil! Hear No Evil??

By Belinda Gonzales, Owner, NuSound Hearing Center

NuSoundHearingWith each new year comes new resolutions. Every January, many resolve to lose weight, quit smoking, or exercise more. This January, as you are evaluating your health, I want you to be armed with some vital information.

Regular checkups and examinations are an integral part to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For adults over the age of 60, it is recommended that you visit your primary care physician once a year, even if you are healthy. Your dentist suggests you visit every six months. In addition to these two visits, the American Optometric Association suggests annual eye exams, and most hearing healthcare providers, including NuSound Hearing Center, recommend annual hearing evaluations, regardless of whether you think you have symptoms of hearing loss.

Was Your Last Hearing Test in Grade School?
Most adults received their hearing test when they were in grade school and haven’t been tested since. Your first adult hearing test result will become your baseline. Your hearing healthcare provider will then use this baseline to monitor your hearing.

The Importance of Annual Exams
The main reason for any annual exam is prevention. None of us want to have heart problems, gum or eye disease, or hearing that prevents us from enjoying life to its fullest. Having annual exams better equips each of your providers with the ability to address and manage your care into the future. Your hearing healthcare specialist will be able to help you in the prevention of loss as well as keep you informed of any signs of loss that might need to be monitored or require future action.

Customized Hearing Protection
NuSound Hearing Center specializes in the most advanced treatment of hearing loss but would rather help patients in the prevention of any loss. Whether working with employees, students, musicians, motorcyclists, hunters, or anyone working or playing in high noise areas, customized hearing protection can be essential to the prevention process.

Every provider, MD, optometrist, dentist and hearing specialist can all list off many advantages to these annual visits. The test results for these annual visits can often indicate other health concerns that need to be addressed. Many hearing tests have ended with patients being referred for ear wax maintenance, problems with eardrums or symptoms of middle ear issues that are often medically corrected, if caught in a timely manner.

For 2015, Think Prevention
We have all heard the stories of someone who ignored symptoms and/or waited too long. For 2015, NuSound Hearing Center urges you to not procrastinate your health resolutions. We want to remind you that you only have one body, one life and we want you to care for it as if it was as precious as we believe it is. For 2015, think prevention. Take action. Call today to schedule your annual hearing assessment for January and receive some FREE hearing protection.

In Kansas City, call 913-232-7754; in Topeka, call 785-783-8121. Or, visit us online at www.NuSoundHearing.com.

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